Music Premiere: Brittney Bouchard Releases Music Video for new single “Smile” from new EP “The Rise of SuperMouth” Soundtrack

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We’re thrilled to premiere the new music video for “Smile,” an incredible track from the EP, The Rise of SuperMouth The captivating song was written and performed by the talented pop singer and lifestyle/wellness influencer Brittney Bouchard.

Bouchard tells us, “Daniel Robert Cohn (the film’s director) mentioned on our first call that when moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles, he spent the drive thinking about what would give heart and importance to this movie. He thought a lot about his dad who loved to make people smile. His dad, who ultimately passed away before the movie was finished, had named a star after Daniel. Inspired by this, Daniel came up with the idea that every star is born from someone’s smile. This is where the concept for the song came from.”

Watch the mesmerizing music video for “Smile” and prepare to be enchanted by the visual and musical journey it offers.

Brittney Bouchard has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry, with her songs featured in international campaigns for renowned brands like Comcast, Samsung, and Omega Watches. Additionally, her music has graced popular TV series and films such as Vanderpump Rules, Shameless, Are You The One, Say Yes To The Dress, So Cosmo, and What About Love. Now, with the release of “Smile,” she continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable talent and creative vision.

“The Rise of SuperMouth” is a unique hybrid live-action animated adventure that follows the story of two children who find themselves confronted by an evil candymaker. In their quest to protect smiles throughout the galaxy, they encounter a group of dental superheroes. “Smile” plays a central role in the film, aiming to move and inspire kids to embrace the power of their smiles.

When approached by the film’s producer, Evan J. Cholfin, Brittney Bouchard felt honored to contribute to a project that not only features her music but also carries a meaningful message. The song starts from a place of hurt and loss, evolving into a powerful anthem of triumph that celebrates the healing and viral power of a single smile shining brightly in the universe. It serves as a dramatic element that propels the story to its climactic moments.

In the music video for “Smile,” we catch glimpses of the characters from the film. Daisy Isles, portraying “Sam,” a 13-year-old girl, feels her father’s energy shining through a star in the sky while listening to the song performed by the superhero character “Melo-D,” played by Rachel Wirtz. Inspired, Sam decides to join her younger brother “Alex,” played by Acston Luca Porto, in brushing her teeth, a moment of healing and protecting their smiles. This act empowers the SuperMouth Squad, consisting of Joe Chambrello as “Dr. HaveOneSuperSmile,” Nova Gaver as “Tooth Keri,” Kayla Robinson as “X,” and Jack De Sanz as “Flossosaurus,” “Bristles” the dragon, and “Turbo the Jet,” gather strength and defeat the sugar villain “Cavitar,” portrayed by Jack Brenner.

The EP, including the uplifting track “Smile,” is available now on all major music platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. As a bonus, the EP features another captivating song titled “#SuperMouthSquadGoals,” a danceable hip-hop track tailor-made for TikTok.

Both “Smile” and “#SuperMouthSquadGoals” were produced by the talented Dan Diaz, whose work in music and sound design has graced trailers for notable productions like “The Mandalorian,” “Frozen 2,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “The Avengers.”

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Brittney Bouchard, singer/songwriter of “Smile” from “The Rise of SuperMouth” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, at the World Premiere of the movie at Dances With Films Festival | Image: SMILE MAKERS, LLC

About Brittney Bouchard:

Brittney Bouchard is an extraordinary singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, known for her distinctive contributions to the EDM space and her remarkable placements in film and TV. Her music has an evocative vocal palette that resonates with listeners, inviting them to think outside the box and embark on a mesmerizing musical journey.

With a visual-forward approach to music, Brittney effortlessly translates her musical talents into captivating experiences. Her unique ability to absorb a scene or envision a product has earned her international campaigns with renowned brands such as Samsung, Omega Watches, and Comcast, where she elevates their brand stories through her melodic narratives.

In addition to her solo work, Brittney Bouchard has become a sought-after collaborator in the electronic music scene, releasing tracks on labels like Sony, Universal, and Ultra Music. Her dynamic vocal range and enchanting presence bring a touch of magic to every collaboration, establishing her as a versatile and captivating performer.

Brittney’s exceptional musical compositions have found their way into popular TV shows and films, enhancing dramatic moments and leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Projects like Vanderpump Rules, So Cosmo, and What About Love have been elevated by her soulful melodies, effortlessly weaving their way into the fabric of these shows.

With her brightly evocative vocal palette, thought-provoking lyrics, and magnetic presence, Brittney Bouchard continues to captivate audiences worldwide. As she forges ahead on her creative path, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in her musical journey.

Don’t miss out on the enchanting world of “Smile” and the SuperMouth universe. Experience the music video, listen to the EP, and immerse yourself in the powerful message of joy and resilience conveyed by Brittney Bouchard’s extraordinary talent.

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