Livia Blanc releases debut EP ‘Amour Amour’ today


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Livia Blanc is releasing her debut EP titled ‘Amour Amour’ today. Blanc tells us, “The songs that make up ‘Amour Amour’ are written like a collection of love letters spoken from my heart with sincerity. Love hurts and we have all been there. This EP tells the story of the end of a relationship and is in itself the end of a chapter. ‘It’s Over Isn’t It’ is the perfect way to close out the EP and this first chapter.”

Born in the South of France and raised in Tahiti,  Livia Blanc incorporates her native French with English, providing a chanson-esque EP that swims in a dreamy sonic world that pulls reference from French icons Brigitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy alongside the airiness of vocals such as Emmylou Harris.

The 5-track EP co-produced by Coyle Girelli (The Chevin) and Andrew Horowitz (John Legend, Tally Hally, Jidenna), oozes with style and class that instantly transports you to a 1960s nostalgia and cinematic grandeur, utterly salivating over each word Livia Blanc sings leaving you certain that you can smell The Parisian Patisseries and coffee wherever in the world you may be.


Amour Amour
Chocolat Café Passion
Mr Hyde
Black Orpheus
It’s Over Isn’t It

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