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Philly-based soul/pop artist Kevonna Rose dazzles audiences far and wide with her exquisite vocals, vulnerable songwriting, and sleek production. Now, the songwriter and vocalist returns with “In Between Kisses,” accompanied by a brand new music video (out Friday January 21). A sugary sweet love song that feels both personal and universal in its honesty, “In Between Kisses” demonstrates what Kevonna Rose does best: relate to her listeners. Relaying the terrifying stages of the beginning of a relationship, Rose’s gorgeous vocal performance captures the giddiness and the joy, the butterflies and the rush, the vulnerability and honesty, the hesitancy and reserve, all at once. Hyper-relatable and not to mention totally swoon-worthy, “In Between Kisses” feels like an endearing diary entry. Something you wouldn’t say out loud but wish you had the nerve to. The music video is every bit as romantic as the song itself, but you can see it for yourself here.

EARMILK reviewed the track, writing: “The Philly-based soul/pop talent is known for her silky tone and intimate songwriting. This new offering has that same lush tone and honest vulnerability…. With sticky sweet vocals washing over soothing acoustic guitars, listeners are immediately swept away by this seductive single. The track feels as if you are reading a personal love letter and the sensations it evokes are simply infectious.” (Read the full feature here).

On the song, Rose shares: “The inspiration behind this song is the terrifying beginning stages of a relationship. There’s this delicate dance between showing your cards and playing it cool. I think in the lyrics, I’m showing all the cards but my vocal delivery shows a little reserve, a little hesitancy. I’d describe the vibe as sexy and vulnerable. It also has a playful, lightheartedness to it. You could slow dance with your bae while listening. Or you could dance in the mirror, rehearsing what you’ll say to your crush. I think it feels good. I want people to listen to it and remember the butterflies they get when they realize they’re into someone. I want it to feel like falling in love.”

“In Between Kisses” is the first single off of Kevonna Rose’s sophomore EP, due out February 2022. For more information on Kevonna Rose, check out her captivating Sofar Sounds performance, or her NPR Tiny Desk submissionwhich was featured in NPR’s “Best 2021 Tiny Desk Entries” roundup in June.

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