KATH MYERS Announces Her New Album Bad TV To Be Released July 21st

Title Track Out Now

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May  19, 2023 – Indie rock singer-songwriter, Kath Myers announces her New Album Bad TV to be released on July 21st. As a preview she has released her the first single as the title track that is out now along with the music video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2G9ImCSd6Q.

Kath says, “This song is about depression and how it feels like a force outside of oneself that has to be dealt with until it decides to move on. Like the sandman in European folklore, there are different interpretations of whether or not this character is good or evil. Humans are made up of both lightness and darkness and I believe that we have to become friends with both sides in order to experience our full true selves. Even though it can be crippling and painful.

Bad TV was recorded and mixed at Verdugo Sound by Myers’ pal and co-producer Aaron Stern. Myers and Stern recorded her first record, Sensitive Groups, at the beginning of Pandemic in Stern’s then untreated garage.”

Tranquil Los Angeles indie-rocker Kath Myers displays herself candidly and with so much raw expression you cannot help but be completely drawn in. Myers’ haunting sound is pure seduction. Her frank messages are the ideal contrast to her mellow, warm tone creating a delicate honesty that will cut you to the core. Inspired by artists that add an enchanting air of humor to their work, she is influenced by greats such as Warren Zevon, Bill Callahan, David Berman and Liz Phair. Her sound, paired with her truthful tongue and cheek lyrics creates a wholly blissful listen. Myers admits, “It can be very therapeutic for me, when I’m in a dark place to somehow write a rather silly song based on those feelings. It can take some of the power away and make me realize that at the end of the day, they’re just that. Feelings. And the sad ones come and go, as well as the happy ones. So we may as well just have some laughs about all of it.

Myers is set to release her second full-length album entitled Bad TV. The wistful offering touches on themes of anxiety, depression, toxic relationships and fear of rejection. “Bad TV” is a gentle yet strong piece dealing with extreme depression and feeling as though an outside force completely takes over your body and brain during these times. “So Brave” is a tender yet bold narration of longing to be vulnerable like someone you know who wears their heart on their sleeve.  “Come Through” is a song filled with infectious, snappy soundscapes all about turning into the very person you despise.

 “Bad TV” is out everywhere at https://linktr.ee/kathmyerz


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