Jenny Tolman Marries Dave Brainard in Jackson, Wyo.

Jenny Tolman & Dave Brainard Credit: Molly Stevens
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  As revealed on, “Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Jenny Tolman and GRAMMY-nominated producer Dave Brainard long prayed for a picture-perfect setting for their outdoor wedding. And this past Saturday, March 19, that’s exactly what they received.”

“The weather was absolutely perfect,” raved Tolman in an interview with following her Jackson, Wyo. wedding to Brainard. “The sun was out and there were no clouds covering the Tetons. The day before, it snowed in Jackson, so we had a beautiful fresh layer of snow. It was the most perfect weather you could ask for!”

Ahead of her nuptials, Tolman unveiled her sophomore album Married in a Honky Tonk on March 4 following a show-stopping performance at her standing-room only album release show in Nashville.

The Tennessean exclusively premiered the video to the albums title track days before the wedding, which was shot at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyo. Jackson has become a special place for Tolman and Brainard. As featured on, the pair got engaged in Jackson in October of 2020 after four years of dating.

With Married in a Honky Tonk, Tolman vows to join the colorful characters of the fictional ‘Jennyville’ with her own real-life experiences. The release of her sophomore album marks a turning point for the singer and is the second collaboration with Brainard.

The Nashville native has received critical-acclaim for her masterful storytelling found in the lyrics of her songs and co-wrote every song on the new album. From the spirited, tongue-firmly-in-cheek “Home to Roost” to poignant lines like Sometimes the only reason/I think this heart of mine keeps beating/Is so I can go on wishing you were here (“Nothing Left of You”) to the moving-on optimism of I’ll breathe in a brand-new day/ And exhale your memory in “Sweetest Revenge” Tolman marries humor, sorrow and resilience.

Married in a Honky Tonk Track List
1. Good Morning Jennyville (Dave Brainard/Jenny Tolman)
2. Borrowing Sugar (Dave Brainard/ Rob Hatch/Jenny Tolman)
3. The World’s a Small Town (Dave Brainard/Jenny Tolman/Bill Whyte)
4. Married in a Honky Tonk (Dave Brainard/Jenny Tolman/Bill Whyte)
5. Sweetest Revenge (Dave Brainard/ Jeff Silbar/Jenny Tolman)
6. Watering the Weeds (Dave Brainard/ Mando Saenz/Jenny Tolman)
7. I Know Some Cowboys (Dave Brainard/ Jenny Tolman/Bill Whyte)
8. Afraid (Jenny Tolman)
9. Home to Roost (Dave Brainard/Jeff Silbar/Jenny Tolman)
10. The Mayor’s Remarks
11. Same Train as You (Dave Brainard/Jenny Tolman)
12. Working Woman’s Blues (Dave Brainard/Jenny Tolman/Bill Whyte)
13. Nothing Left of You (Dave Brainard/Rick Tiger/Jenny Tolman)

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