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Vonnie Kyle’s forthcoming tune, “Is It,” encapsulates the ache of someone with a seemingly unseverable tie to an addict, and the slow but steady toll that tie begins to take over time. “I’ve dealt with it in multiple relationships, both familial and romantic,” she says, “and I’ve been on both sides of it.”

The track begins as bare bones – Kyle’s lulling vocals, a couple of lightly plucked notes on guitar, and some ambiguous white noise in the background. Over the next three and a half minutes, the tone slowly morphs into a wall of raging vocals and wailing guitar, which is reigned in by a hook repeating two simple words: Is It? That is to ask the opposing subject, is it everything that you are living for? Kellii Scott, drummer for LA band Failure, provides the thunderous percussion which sets the tone for this boneshaking tune. “I wanted this song to be huge,” says Kyle, “and Kellii really took it and ran with it. Once his chops were laid down, it was like all of the other beautiful instrumental monsters just fell into place, like they knew this was home.” Portland multi-instrumentalist Tim Karplus performs the whirlwind guitar parts for this track, while David Badstubner and Kyle produced Is It together.

While her love for guitar-based rock remains obviously intact on this track, Kyle is clearly venturing into new territory, with her sights on a broader audience. For those with a love of Jack White, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and St. Vincent, now is the time to set a new place at the listening table.

A single and music video release show will take place on Thursday 8/17 at Lollipop Shoppe in Portland, OR. 

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