Inspirational Pop Singer/Songwriter NEDY Releases “Made To Be” Music Video


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising Inspirational Pop singer/songwriter NEDY, visualizes self-value and takes a stand against bullying with the release of the “Made to Be” music video. The music video features Nedy showing a child that the opinions of her bullies are inferior and that she should feel comfortable in the skin that God gave her. This is a lesson that, if learned at a young age, can be prevented and not carry on to adulthood. With this exclusive music video painting Nedy’s vision for the single, all are left with the message that striving to fit societal standards is time that could be spent following your heart and being uniquely you. The “Made To Be” music video exclusively premiered on Newsmax with a full video being premiered on Digital Journal.

Watch the music video on Newsmax HERE.

Watch the full-length video on Digital Journal HERE.

“In a world where bullying is unfortunately still such a huge reality, I want to encourage people to love one another. Despite how they look or dress, we all have innate value as human beings and we are each precious in the sight of God. Through “Made To Be” and my anti-bullying non-profit cause, Friends Forever Club, I hope to impact the world with the message of purpose and value,” shares NEDY.

Dancing onto the scene as a friend offering a shoulder to lean on, the “Made to Be” music video proves that the world needs positive power, just as much as we desire to discover who we are ‘made to be.’ Along with the release of the music video, NEDY created the Friends Forever Club, playing hand in hand with the concept of the single to combat childhood bullying and exist as a friend to those experiencing this hatred first hand. This club is a safe space for those going through troubling times of self-doubt fueled by the trauma of bullying. Keep up with Nedy on social media as she announces multiple summer projects in the works! Fans will not want to miss the iconic force and kind soul that is NEDY.

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