Music Led Platforms Host Virtual Fundraiser For Mad Housers Charity

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Los Angeles (February 2022): Gritty In Pink has partnered with Punk Black in honor
of Black History Month, with a dual livestream series starting on February 15th at 5
PM PST/ 8 PM EST via Gritty In Pink’s Instagram. This two-part series is dedicated to
celebrating the achievements, obstacles, and impact of black women in music. The
special features performances and appearances by pop sister-trio Mako Girls, London
native soul-artist MEGA, Atlanta-based punk band Lesibu Grand, hardcore punk / metal
quartet BONDBREAKR, pop singer-songwriter Shenna, pop-pianist Tracyan Martin,
and rock metal siblings We Don’t Ride Llamas.

Hosted by Shiragirl, along with special co-host punk artist Xtine Reckless. During the
pre-show event via Gritty In Pink’s Instagram, viewers can expect appearances,
performances, and exclusive interviews with artists. The second half of the series will
continue on February 18th at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST live via Punk Black’s Twitch. Both
shows will be sponsored by Mackie, Cool Cat Wine, and Guitar Girl Magazine,
benefiting special charity partner, The Mad Housers.

The Mad Housers is an Atlanta-based, non-profit corporation, engaged in charitable
work, research, and education. They focus on providing resources, such as shelter for
the homeless, developing low income for those in need of housing, and advocating for
the homeless, to ensure that their moral and civil rights are protected. Viewers have the
chance to donate directly to the organization during both livestreams. For more
information on The Mad Housers, or ways you can help their initiative, visit their website

Gritty In Pink debuted their February Bandmate of the Month MEGA, who will be making an appearance on the Black History Month special. The February cover star spoke about the challenges she faced in the music industry: “A lot of people underestimate you based on how you look in this industry. Personally, I love when people underestimate me because once I show them what I’m made of, it makes my output look even more impressive. Also, the industry likes to pit women against each other for some reason. I’ve been put in a lot of collaborative situations that gave off competitive energy. I’ve dealt with a lot more challenges due to my race rather than my gender though.”

Tune in on February 15th at 5 pm PT / 8 pm EST via Gritty In Pink’s Instagram for the pre-show event and February 18th at 5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST via Punk Black’s Twitch for
the second half of their Black History Month special; it’s a crossover you don’t want to

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