Giulia Celebrates Pride Month with Baby D*ke Single Release Today

"Baby Dyke" Single Release June 9

Photo Credit: Macy Kerrigan
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 As Pride Month is welcomed in June, Giulia. releases her new single “Baby D*ke” on June 9, symbolizing the welcoming she felt within the LGBTQ+ community while accepting and embracing her sexuality. Giulia. powerfully embraces the title while clearly stating it’s not a term to be used freely by everyone. It’s off her genre-bending EP, Night Before, due out June 25th.

Giulia. says, “It recognizes that – hey, you’re new to this, you’re a ‘baby’ in our eyes, but we’re happy to have you. So yes, I’m just a baby dyke, and I may be self-conscious and unsure of how to navigate this, but at least I’m here, and I can finally say that much, which is better than saying nothing at all.” Tinkling percussion opens “Baby D*ke” in a celebratory caress amongst a dreamlike hesitation associated with a woman’s first experience realizing she’s attracted to women. Effortlessly shedding the initial timidness, the song launches into a free-spirited romp.

Giulia. incorporates elements of a multi-versed artistic background in film and dance into the song. Her acting background allows her to explore different scenarios and characters within her songs that come alive when she performs. On “Baby D*ke” the listener is taken on a journey verse by verse. The first verse describes the realization of being attracted to a woman. The second verse takes us through spoken word rhythms representing inner confidence: “When I walk in the bar I see everyone talkin’, grippin’ their drinks like they’re scared they might drop it. Tiny hats, big eyes gawkin’, but they’re not who I wanna be with often.” She says, “I’m describing a typical New York hipster bar on a Friday night, full of insecure people pretending to be the most confident versions of themselves, all wanting to be seen.” The bridge evolves into full acceptance with a sense of pride.

Giulia. and her dad recorded half the songs on her upcoming EP at their home studio while recording the other half with a full band at Canterbury Sound in Toronto. She says, “There’s an unspoken energy and excitement when we make music together that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Night Before EP Track Listing

  1. Lucky Ones
  2. Baby D*ke
  3. Dreamy Girl
  4. Lonestar
  5. Moon, Please (demo)
  6. Tired
  7. Night Before

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