Girls Smash Guitars take inspiration from Phoebe Bridgers and smash guitars in new video “good 4 u/Misery Business Mashup”

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Who:  “The Girls Smash Guitars’ band is actually multiple bands combined from musicians locally in my hometown Modesto, CA, that I put together just for this special mashup and project we did,” says Halee Smith of Rockit Music Gear.

Drums: Ben I
Vocals: VEE (Hayley Williams Lyrics)
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Halee Smith (Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics)
Guitar 2: Lily Wohlstadter (Light blue guitar.)
Guitar 3: Zoe Leach (Left Handed off white guitar.)
Guitar 4: Edie Leach (Left Handed Hot Pink Guitar.)
Bass: Emma Musso

What:  Music Mashup for new video “good 4 u/Misery Business Mashup”

Where: Link to Music Video:
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Distrokid: (which has all links to the music platforms)

When:  September 13, 2021

Why: The inspiration for this whole project started when Phoebe Bridgers smashed her guitar on SNL and received a lot of shade for it. My friend Nick Loux made this ( video about it and a cute poster of his daughter about to smash a guitar. I thought it was hilarious, so I sent him a message, and I said, hey can we make a strap that says “girl smash guitars.”

So I called in my friend Karen Scheirhorn (who helps with RMG graphics and designs), and she took Nick’s doodle and turned it to this really epic strap, and for every two straps sold, one gets donated to a rock school ( For the release, I put the band of seven together including four guitar players (two being lefties), a bass player, a drummer, and two singers. The girls who played instruments experience recording, making a music video, and obviously smashing a guitar for the first time. So I arranged the mashup, then helped the girls with the parts. Rockit Music Gear Sponsored this project and proudly supports girls smashing guitars.

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