Emily Miller Releases Lyric Video In Support of Current Single “Dear Lonely”

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NASHVILLE, TENN. – (December 12, 2019) – West Chester, Ohio singer / songwriter, Emily Miller, has announced the release of a new lyric video in support of her new single, “Dear Lonely.” Watch the lyric video on YouTube and Facebook.

“”Dear Lonely” is a huge piece of my story. The inspiration behind the video is that we aren’t alone in our struggles and showcasing multiple angles of loneliness and the feeling of that was important in the clips throughout the video,” confides Emily Miller. “The visual aspect of the lyrics brings a deeper meaning for me that I hope everyone else sees too as they hear and feel the heart throughout the song.”

Music is available for download and streaming on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify here.

The new single by multi-talented country, bluegrass, and gospel singe reflects on being lonely and overcoming the fears and breaking the cycle. The new single was self-penned by Miller with production by Colt Capperrune and recorded at Dark River Studios in Nashville.

” … Dear Lonely
I’m fighting back the lies
To another life that I hide behind so they can’t see inside

But it ain’t always the easiest road to choose
Fighting the devil hoping that I won’t lose…”

“Dear Lonely” is the song of my heart. I truly believe this song is the story of my struggles but also my hopes. We all struggle with addiction of some sort in life. Mine is loneliness and “Dear Lonely” is that song to myself proving that I can overcome it and reinforcing that there are better, stronger days ahead.

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Stay current with everything Emily Miller on her website www.emilycmillermusic.com. Follow Emily Miller on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

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