Country Twin Duo Hobbs Sisters Release New Single: “Love Breaks All The Rules”

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 21, 2022) – Twin country duo, Hobbs Sisters, release their new single, “Love Breaks All The Rules,” available now!  Written by Lauren and Hannah Hobbs, Kelly McKay, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Forest Whitehead, this song describes the reckless feeling that falling in love can tend to feel like. With each twin in different stages of their love lives, this song caters to anyone who has fallen in love without considering the consequences. Listen to “Love Breaks All The Rules” here:

“We wrote this song with our producer, Forest Whitehead and one of our favorite co-writers, Kelly McKay. We wanted to write a song that would be really fun to perform at our full band shows and that could capture an energy that felt reckless and a little dangerous. After playing it at shows all summer, people seemed to resonate with the idea that love can make you feel crazy but in a good way. We’re so excited for everyone to hear this song,” says the Hobbs Sisters.

“Love Breaks All The Rules” is the second single leading up to the duo’s upcoming EP, following their latest release “If You Wanted To.” Following this release will be the third single to complete the EP.

We keep blurring the lines we bend
Maybe we should think of the consequence 
But we don’t worry much 
Caught up in this rush 
No one makes me feel this way 

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