CLAIRE GUERRESO Release New Single “Where Do We Go From Here”

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June 9, 2023 – Singer/songwriter Claire Guerreso is happy to release her new single “Where Do We Go From Here”  that is out now and featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Claire says, “’Where Do We Go From Here’ is a cinematic interpretation of the feeling you get when you’re faced with a difficult decision in that sink or swim moment.”

Claire Guerreso encapsulates a multi-faceted sound fusing indie-pop, rock and soul. She is drawn to music that dials in on deep emotions. Her airy, unearthly tone perfectly ties together each song. She possesses a quality that is pensive and moody allowing the listener to get absorbed into her songs. Her poignant pieces emphasize introspective themes of loss, grief, transition and liberation. Some tracks are wistful and melancholic while others are punchy and empowering. Those pithier offerings are all about being secure in your own skin. That encourages others to find their inner confidence as well. Guerreso has received acclaim from notable publications such as Wonderland and Substream Magazine. She has also obtained airplay on international radio. This year she released a slew of new music. Her song “Without You” was featured on the popular CW drama All American. She also has a song “Show Ya How” in the new Netflix movie Players, staring Gina Rodriguez and Tom Ellis of Lucifer. Guerreso’s single “The Let Down” was unveiled February 3rd 2023 via Kobalt Music.

Guerreso prides herself on supporting others. Her aim is to effect positive change in people’s lives and alleviate pressure. This impact spans across the globe reaching fans all over. Guerreso shares, “It means so much to me when I hear how my music affects my listeners. That’s one of my favorite parts of being an artist. Humans are meant to feel connected and that’s what music does.”

 “Where Do We Go From Here”  Is out everywhere at


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