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Carissa Johnson has released her latest music video, “Tourist,” off her latest E.P. Blue Hour. The music video, a collaboration with Jampson Films, features Carissa in her apartment, experiencing day-to-day tasks as a tourist in her own home. Reflecting on her experiences during quarantine, the music video uses humor to cope with feelings of isolation.

“This song came about from a feeling of feeling like a stranger to the life I was living during the pandemic,” says Johnson.The characters from Times Square come into my apartment as if it happens every day and I’m numb to the experience. I think it’s a perfect way to visually depict the song because it’s a funny way of showing that feeling — it’s like being a tourist in a place you’re actually familiar with.” says Johnson.

The “Tourist” single was written performed by Carissa Johnson, produced, recorded and mixed by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios, mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, and features Tanya Venom on guitar, Carissa Johnson on bass, Carissa Johnson and Benny Grotto on keyboard, Ryan Manning on drums, and Benny Grotto on glockenspiel. 

The video was produced by Jampson Films with story by Garrett Burns and Matt Leary. It was directed by Garrett Burns, with Assistant Direction by Matt Leary, cinematography by Corey Hess, makeup by Cat Martin, and wardrobe by Valentina Guerra. Cast includes performances by Carissa Johnson, Tia Mayhem, Tanya Venom, Zach Levin, Ben Petty, Matt Leary, Ryan Powers, Remy Faulding, Alexis Keller, and Vanessa Silberman.

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