Brina Kay Releases a Heart-Stopping New Country Single “Rather Hurt You Now” (feat. Justin Love)


(Nashville, TN): Country-pop artist Brina Kay releases new single “Rather Hurt You Now” (feat. Justin Love). The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“‘Rather Hurt You Now’ is about choosing to face an uncomfortable conversation with a friend who likes you rather than string their heart along. Having been strung along before, I always try to lead with respect first and tell people the truth, even when it’s inconvenient. It’s better to be upfront with people about these things so that they don’t waste their time and energy on something that will never be. Instead, they can use that time to go out there and find a reciprocated love they deserve.” – Brina Kay

“Rather Hurt You Now” begins with a sweet southern rock guitar, as Brina Kay opens up about her non-reciprocal feelings. As the chorus starts, we know that this will be emotional. Brina knows this person feels something and she doesn’t – so why continue to lead them on and hurt them, when she could make the decision ahead of time? “Rather Hurt You Now” is all about facing that difficult conversation that you just have to have.

Brina Kay’s velvety voice vocalizes, “Fight or flight in my mind, I know it’s time to face it/There’s a clear line between wrong and right, so please don’t complicate it/I know that you think it’s worth the risk, but I know what the outcome is.” The twangy guitar and classic booming country toms create a sonic landscape that perfectly matches the track’s mood.