Be Heard: The Simple Yet Powerful Premise That Draws Millions of People to Multimedia Platform


Wilmington, DE, December 19, 2022 – Three simple goals: to Connect, Collab and Inspire, and the idea that everyone can “be heard” have attracted millions of subscribers who found in Holy Culture Radio a space where their concerns are heard and discussed, and where they find hope that their dreams might one day come true.

Holy Culture Radio and its affiliated website and social media channels are owned and operated by The Corelink Solution, a nonprofit founded by James Rosseau with the purpose of helping people develop their passion and purpose, create an informed plan and use provided tools to help them succeed, while establishing accountability and ownership.

Founded in 2003, Holy Culture Radio (HCR) has been a staple in the Christian hip-hop community. In April 2022, HCR expanded its digital radio to a full-time “edutainment” channel on Sirius XM (Channel 154) featuring empowering conversations intended to educate and inspire its audience, faith-based rap, rhythmic music from some of the biggest names and upcoming artists, and a variety of DJ mixes.

“This expansion allowed HCR to retain its base while attracting listeners of Gospel and Contemporary Christian music (nearly 53 million people each week) as it taps into passion-seekers, aspiring African Americans (particularly those in the 13-34 age range), urban progressives and purpose-seekers,” said Rosseau.

HCR’s programming is focused on the themes of Faith, Arts, Vocation and Education (FAVE), unifying three things the audience is looking for: connection to popular culture, connection to their faith and success in their careers.

According to Rosseau, “HCR acts as a megaphone/amplifier of awareness, a portal for tools, and the creation of a community and movement that helps people find their superpowers and learn how to activate them.”

The Holy Culture brand aims to promote Christian values and lifestyle and to create a space to edify believers and share the gospel with nonbelievers. Holy Culture Radio can be heard on SiriusXM Channel 154.

“There has always been a question of whether there is a market for Christian hip-hop music,” added Rosseau. “I believe our 5 million subscribers have shown that the genre has broad viability given the above average listener engagement we’ve seen across our 14 shows and music mixes as we play a wide diversity of Christian hip-hop artists.”

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