Bailey James Hit Single “Finally Free” Lands on The Billboard Country Indicator Charts

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August 16th, 2021 (Nashville, TN): Bailey James is “Finally Free” in her newest single and music video. James’ newest country hit single released on June 4th, and is now #61 on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart. “Finally Free” was also featured at The Grand Ole Opry as “The Circle Song of The Week.” With more than 200,000 followers across her social media platforms, and a Top 40 hit already under her belt, Bailey James is the next female face of Nashville, so be ready for her takeover!

“Finally Free” Featured as The Circle Song of The Week 
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“This song means so much to me, it represents who I am as an artist. I embrace life, music, and my relationships with an open mind. This single just poured out of me and I hope I inspire everyone to break free from the chains that bind them and live their life to the fullest.” – Bailey James

“Finally Free” takes us on an emotional road trip through a romantic breakup, ultimately coming out on the other side triumphant, and better for it. The video starts with Bailey shedding her drab business clothes and uptight hairstyle, a metaphor like a caterpillar emerging from her cocoon. James’ smooth, soulful voice paired with the setting sun create a relaxed sense of moving on and closing a painful chapter of her life while hinting at an optimistic future.

As Bailey makes her way from the city to the countryside, we can see she has changed into a bright, colorful outfit, symbolizing her completed transformation. She has left a toxic part of her life behind as she regains her freedom and her confidence. As she joins her friends in the forest, it becomes clear that what truly makes her happy is not being tied down. While she may bear the emotional scars of the breakup, she is now able to look upon those scars fondly, as something she overcame instead of something that defines her. As the music mellows, and the video comes to a close, we see Bailey James’s realization that she is “Finally Free.”

“Finally Free” Credits
Writers – Bailey James Koehler, Nolan Neal, & John Allan Miller
Production – Matt McClure
Radio Promotion Team – Matt Corbin and Michael Powers

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