Artists Offer Hopeful Vision For The Future

Vince Gill, Paul Cardall, Nefesh Mountain, Sean Della Croce

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NASHVILLE — February 18, 2021 – Performers continue to use their artistry to shine a spotlight on, and offer up a hopeful vision for, the future. We are proud to share some of these musical messages from our clients.

MCA artist Vince Gill appeared this week on CBS This Morning, where he spoke to show host Anthony Mason for their “Unifying America” series. Gill discussed the recent Morgan Wallen event and how the country music industry is evolving. During the course of the interview, Gill performed a song he had just finished writing, titled “March On, March On.” 

You came here in shackles

Picked the cotton in chains

That’s a sin of my people

And I carry that shame

God knows you must be weary

You’ve been dreaming so long

You built this country

So march on, march on

Composer/musician Paul Cardall has teamed up with Akelee and J. Daniel for “We Could Be Kind.” The song was penned by John David Bratton and Ethan Roberts, and is on Cardall’s new album, The Broken Miracle, on Anthem Records. Also joining them on the track is the Virginia Union University Choir.

All we’ve ever needed

Is kindness and forgiveness

Teach all the children

Love for one another

Get the world to believe in

Kindness and forgiveness

Love for one another

In recent months as we were moving toward an election, Bluegrass/Americana duo Nefesh Mountain thought it made sense to look back on the words and original intention of Woody Guthrie’s iconic “This Land Is Your Land.” “For us, the words have always embodied the great beauty and struggle of our country, and in our rendition, because of the times and challenges we are all faced with today, we are leaning more on those questions throughout,” note Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff.  “Ultimately, this beautiful song speaks to the promise of the American dream, which we believe is still out there today.” 

On the eve of Sean Della Croce’s debut album release, she was approached by songwriting icon Janis Ian to record a version of her “Better Times Will Come.” “Sean’s one of the best young singer-songwriters I’ve heard, and it’s a real joy to have with the Better Times project,” shares Ian. Della Croce’s Illuminations on Pasadena Records will be released on February 26.

Though we live each day as our last

We know someday soon it will pass

Oh, we will dance, we will sing

In that never-ending spring

Oh, when better times do come

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