Alana Springsteen releases her Debut EP on this Friday, June 7, 2019. The project was produced by Grammy award winning producer Luke Wooten. It features her debut songs “Slow Down” and “The Best Thing which were released on May 3rd and have received upward of 500,000 streams worldwide, receiving the playlisting support of multiple digital streaming platforms. The EP will also include songs “Still Love”, “Over”, and focus track “Always Gonna Love You”.

Springsteen says about the release “I’m finally releasing my first EP! The fourteen year old me always dreamt about this. These five songs are all so special to me and I am so ready for the world to hear them!”

Alana Springsteen started playing guitar at seven years old. Three years later she was performing the National Anthem for the Chicago Cubs at historic Wrigley Field. Before she knew it, Alana was writing songs in Nashville with Kristian Bush of Sugarland, and even performed their smash hit song, “Baby Girl,” on stage with the band in her hometown of Virginia Beach at the age of eleven. In 2018, Alana caught the attention of renowned Nashville producer Luke Wooten and signed to his publishing and artist development company, Warehouse West Entertainment. Alana will be performing with her full band
at The Back Corner on June 18 to celebrate her EP release.

Link to EP:


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