Yamaha THR30IIA Expands the Wireless Desktop Amp Experience to Acoustic Guitarists

Yamana desk amp THR30IIA

In late October, Yamaha announced the release of the THR30IIA Wireless, a 30-watt stereo amplifier designed specifically for acoustic guitarists. In 2011, Yamaha released the THR series of desktop amplifiers geared toward in-studio use and boasting superb sound, innovative features, and a retro-modern look. The THR30IIA is their newest addition to this line.

From the press release:

The new THR30IIA boasts three authentic-sounding microphone models—dynamic, tube, and condenser—as well as onboard effects, including compression, chorus, and studio-quality delay and reverb. The stereo reverbs and audio playback, in particular, utilize Extended Stereo Technology (EST), which results in a more immersive listening experience than standard stereo. The THR30IIA incorporates a professional-quality Yamaha D-PRE microphone preamp, as well as a dedicated mode for nylon-string guitars and a multipurpose flat setting. Three-band equalization provides for comprehensive tone shaping, while a specially designed playback system was optimized to provide hi-fi sound quality through two 3.5” speakers. This perfect combination of innovative technology and inspiring tones enables players to experience their acoustic-electric guitar sound as if produced in a professional studio.

A built-in rechargeable battery lets musicians play anywhere their music takes them, while the integrated wireless receiver combines with an optional Line 6® Relay® G10T transmitter to offer players a fully cable-free performance. The amp also includes a USB port for direct recording and playback, facilitated with the bundled Steinberg software for desktop and mobile recording. The amp can also be used with the free Yamaha Rec’n’Share app (available for iOS and Android), allowing musicians to record audio and video along with songs from their music library, then easily share performances online.

Bluetooth support enables wireless playback from Bluetooth audio devices, MIDI footswitch control, and communication with the included THR Remote editor/librarian app, compatible with Mac®, PC, and mobile devices.

Finally, the amp is equipped with 1/4” instrument and XLR combo mic inputs, stereo 1/8” Aux-In and Phone jacks, as well as 1/4” line-level outputs.

“The THR30IIA Wireless provides acoustic guitar players with a perfect combination of professional-quality sound, fully wireless operation and a stylish, modern aesthetic,” said Arthur Morin, marketing manager, guitars, Yamaha. “With the success of the THR-II series, acoustic players will love the THR30IIA, whether they are using it for practice, playing along to their favorite tracks, recording, or sharing their performances online.”

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha THR30IIA Wireless amp (MSRP: $869.00) will be available in November. For more information, please visit Yamaha.io/THR30IIA