Roland and BOSS to Release New Accessories Including Covers, Straps, and Carrying Cases

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Over the years, Roland and BOSS have offered various accessories designed to help musicians with multiple needs, from improved mobility and durability to long-term use with comfort as the primary focus. This week, both brands are announcing accessories across three distinct categories: amplifier covers, instrument straps, and carrying cases for the new AIRA Compact series.

#1: New Amp Covers for the Roland KC and BOSS Katana Series

Roland and BOSS have provided custom amp covers for various amplifier lines, such as the Katana and JC series. Now, musicians can keep their BOSS Katana and Roland KC amplifiers looking great with these authentic amp covers. Each cover protects the cabinet from minor scuffs, dust, and dirt and is made with durable polyester materials, and is sized for a perfect fit.

Here is a quick sizing guide for each of the six new amplifier covers:

·     Roland KC

o   RAC-KC200 – KC-200 (and KC-150)

o   RAC-KC400 – KC-400 (and KC-350)

o   RAC-KC600 – KC-600 (and KC-550)

·     BOSS Katana

o   BAC-KTN11B – Katana-110 Bass

o   BAC-KTN21B – Katana-210 Bass

o   BAC-KTNART – Katana-Artist MkII (and Katana-Artist)

#2: BOSS Releases Monogram Instrument Straps in Three Distinct Styles

BOSS is expanding its offerings of high-quality instrument straps with three new additions. The new BOSS Monogram Instrument Straps come in three variations: A black strap with a white BOSS logo, a black strap with a black BOSS logo, and a white strap option with a black BOSS logo. The two-inch wide nylon material is both comfortable and durable. American baseball glove leather is sandwiched at each end, providing a secure hold and lasting toughness for years of use.

#3: Durable Roland Carrying Case Designed for the AIRA Compact Series

The recently introduced AIRA Compact series, including the E-4 Voice Tweaker, the J-4 Chord Synthesizer, and the T-8 Beat Machine, are exceptionally well-protected when paired with the official Roland carrying case, the CB-RAC. With the CB-RAC, you can securely take your AIRA Compact everywhere you travel—from home, office, and hotels to camping, beach trips, and more. Streamlined and rugged, it features a semi-rigid EVA shell and tough polyester exterior. An internal mesh pocket provides a convenient home for a USB charging cable. And to keep all your gear together and safe while traveling with the CB-RAC, the CB-RU10 Utility Gig Bag works as the perfect companion.

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