iZotope launches updated 2nd Generation Spire Studio smart home recording device hailed by Phoebe Bridgers, Trey Anastasio and more

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March 30, 2021—iZotope—the experts in intelligent audio technology—are launching the new Second Generation of their acclaimed Spire Studio, the smart recording device that connects into the cloud-based Spire ecosystem of recording, production, and collaboration tools.

With Spire, musicians can focus on the joy of creating music rather than the headaches of traditional recording set-ups and gear. A streamlined, intuitive workflow, powered by intelligent audio processing and cloud-based production tools, makes it simple and fun to record ideas, build up tracks, and collaborate with other artists and producers. From start to finish, Spire users have access to creative effects, visual mixing tools, and AI-powered enhancement features that get songs ready for release to fans, friends, and family.

Spire’s quick and easy way of working continues to be a go-to for quarantine-driven creativity. Serving as both a recording studio and a recording engineer, Spire has been adopted by a wide array of critically acclaimed recording artists for their home recording needs including Phoebe Bridgers and Phish’s Trey Anastasio. Both artists have shared how Spire Studio made recording sessions possible while in isolation:

“My producer told me about Spire Studio…and I became addicted. It’s really versatile, so it keeps all my songs from sounding the same.”—Phoebe Bridgers, August 13, 2020, The Wall Street Journal

“If anybody wants to do this kind of thing, Spire is really good. Works like gangbusters. Everything I do is on Spire. Everything you hear online is from Spire. That’s all I have.”—Trey Anastasio, April 24, 2020, Rolling Stone

The surge in public demand for Spire Studio among both professional recording artists and hobbyists alike resulted in sold-out inventory at the height of the pandemic. iZotope turned this into an opportunity to update and further innovate the underlying technology.

With the introduction of the new Spire Studio to the Spire ecosystem, musicians can get access to the latest recording hardware, the free Spire companion app for iOS and Android, as well as six free months of Spire Pro for iOS, an exclusive collection of AI-powered features for enhanced sound and creative inspiration. Learn more about the new Spire Studio (2nd Generation) here.

Key features include:

  • Ease of recording anywhere with a compact, wireless vocal and instrument recording device
  • Ability to record professional-quality audio with the onboard studio-grade microphone
  • Flexibility to record with favorite instruments, mics, or other gear with two phantom-powered combo inputs
  • New: Smoother, whisper-quiet sound with new ultra low-noise preamps that protect against interference and distortion
  • New: More space for more music with increased onboard recording storage for up to 8+ hours
  • New: Extra-fast set-up times when pairing Spire Studio to the companion Spire app via new Bluetooth functionality
  • New: Additional usage enhancements including improved battery performance and a brighter/updated display
  • Automatic level-setting and tone-sculpting based on the instrument or voice being used via a unique Soundcheck feature that leverages technology from iZotope Neutron and Nectar
  • Intuitive creative controls for building, mixing, and producing a song with the companion Spire app
  • Fast feedback cycles with collaborators through cloud-based Mix Notes and easy text or email sharing of previews, project files, mixdowns and stems
  • New with Spire Pro: Automatic removal of unwanted background noise, pops, clipping, and plosives with cloud-based repair technology from iZotope RX
  • New with Spire Pro: Crisp and consistent vocals with Personalized Soundcheck—an evolved version of Soundcheck powered by tech from iZotope Ozone—that listens and learns from your voice and environment
  • New with Spire Pro: Fresh creative inspiration with the randomized “Inspire Me” feature that adds iZotope effects to any track, including reverbs, flangers, chorus, and distortions from iZotope Trash.

Pricing and Availability:
Spire Studio (2nd Generation) is available through select global retailers for $499 USD MSRP.

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