Go wireless with Sennheiser’s anniversary special offers

Professional sound quality, UHF reliability and freedom of movement for musicians, presenters and videographers


November 3, 2020 — Sennheiser’s special 75th-anniversary deals continue throughout the months of November and December, with many of the audio specialist’s most popular rack-mount and portable RF wireless systems from the evolution wireless and XSW ranges all available with 100 EUR/USD off. Whether you are a musician, presenter or audio for video enthusiast – Sennheiser has great offers in store for all types of wireless applications in the professional UHF band. Please visit www.sennheiser.com/special-deals for a list of participating dealers. All prices given are MSRP (EUR) or MAP (USD), respectively.

Handheld mics for vocalists and presenters

The evolution of wireless 100 G4 systems have been engineered for professional live sound. Choose between Sennheiser’s popular e 835 (dynamic, cardioid), e 845 (dynamic, super-cardioid), e 865 (condenser, super-cardioid), e 935 (dynamic, cardioid) and e 945 (dynamic, super-cardioid) capsules coupled with a rugged transmitter featuring an integrated mute switch. Mic clamp and batteries included. The associated full-metal rack-mount receiver with intuitive LCD display comes complete with two-rod antennas, rack-mount set, and RJ 10 cable.

The ew 100 G4 Vocal Set is available with a wide choice of popular mic capsules

The ew 100 G4 systems feature a fast frequency allocation function for up to 12 receivers, IR synchronization, up to 20 compatible channels and a switching bandwidth of up to 42 MHz with 1680 tunable frequencies. The range of up to 100 m (300 ft) leaves plenty of headroom for any application.

Anniversary pricing:
ew 100 G4-835-S: USD $499 (instead of $599)
ew 100 G4-845-S: USD $549 (instead of $649)
ew 100 G4-865-S: USD $649 (instead of $749)
ew 100 G4-935-S: USD $549 (instead of $649)
ew 100 G4-945-S: USD $599 (instead of $699)

Also available is the XSW 2-835 Vocal Set, an easy to use, all-in-one UHF wireless system for singers and presenters featuring Sennheiser’s evolution 835 cardioid microphone capsule. The system has a tuning bandwidth of up to 24 MHz, up to 12 compatible frequencies per range, true diversity antenna switching for enhanced signal reception and automatic frequency management. The all-metal receiver comes complete with a rack-mount kit.

Anniversary pricing:
XSW 1-835 Vocal Set: USD $299.95 (instead of $399.95)

The XSW 1-835 Vocal Set is on special offer throughout the months of November and December

For guitarists & bassists

The ew 100 G4 CI1 is a rugged wireless system for guitarists and bassists, complete with rack-mount receiver, instrument transmitter, Ci1 instrument cable and accessories such as rack-mount kit, antennas, batteries, RJ 10 linking cable and power supply unit.

Anniversary pricing:
ew 100 G4-CI1: USD $449 (instead of $549)

Wireless freedom for the guitar and bass: the ew 100 G4-CI1

Systems with a lavalier or head-worn mic

Sometimes it has to be a hands-free solution – especially when you’re presenting but also when you’re playing an instrument while singing at the same time or even when miking up instruments. The evolution wireless systems come complete with all accessories and offer lavalier mics (ME 2 – Omni-directional, ME 4 – cardioid), a head-worn mic (ME 3 – cardioid) or a combo set, which includes both a handheld and a bodypack transmitter with a lavalier mic.

Anniversary pricing:
ew 100 G4-ME2: USD $499 (instead of $599)
ew 100 G4-ME3: USD $549 (instead of $549)
ew 100 G4-ME4: USD $499 (instead of $599)
ew 100 G4-ME2/835-S: USD $899 (instead of $999)

Bestsellers for audio for video enthusiasts and filmmakers

The evolution of wireless camera sets are a firm favourite with mobile journalists

The evolution of wireless camera systems includes everything you need for professional film and interview sound. On special offer are the ew 112P G4 with Omni-directional ME 2 lavalier mic, ew 122P G4 with ME 4 cardioid lavalier mic, ew 135P G4 with handheld microphone transmitter and ew 100 ENG G4, a multi-purpose set for mobile journalism and documentaries with an ME 2 lav mic and a plug-on transmitter for dynamic microphones.

Anniversary pricing:
ew 112P G4: USD $499 (instead of $599.95)
ew 122P G4: USD $499 (instead of $599)
ew 135P G4: USD $499 (instead of $599)
ew 100 ENG G4: USD $699 (instead of $799)

The ew 100 ENG G4 set