Fender Chrissie Hynde Telecaster®

Photo by Christie Goodwin
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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 15 – Spring 2021 – Electrified!

With a Telecaster guitar in hand, Chrissie Hynde formed The Pretenders in 1978 and quickly established the band as a rock and roll powerhouse. Chrissie’s churning Telecaster rhythms have been the heartbeat of the band’s sound since the beginning. In 2021, Fender and Chrissie Hynde launched the Chrissie Hynde Telecaster complete with an alder body finished in Faded Ice Blue Metallic RoadWorn® lacquer; vintage-style ‘50s single-coil Tele pickups voiced to match Chrissie’s original set; a 6-stainless steel barrel saddle bridge; and much more in an incredibly faithful recreation of one of the world’s most iconic guitars—Hynde’s treasured ‘65 model. An artist-requested, player-friendly update on the new Chrissie Hynde Telecaster® are locking tuners, which offer increased tuning stability and make string changes quicker.

“My guitar tech, David Crubly, convinced me to launch a Fender Signature Telecaster by telling me it might encourage more people to get into bands and music. I hope that’s true and know that those who do, won’t look back,” said Chrissie Hynde, London 2021.

“We were honored when Chrissie Hynde agreed to work with us on an Artist Signature Series guitar,” added Neil Whitcher, Head of Artist Relations, EMEA. “The music that Chrissie has put into the world over the last four decades has helped shape the way thousands play guitar today and has defined the sound of the Fender Telecaster® forever. We can’t wait to see what players around the world do with this guitar.”


Price: $1,399.99
For more information and full specs, visit Fender.com.

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