FLUSHING, MI – June 26, 2019 – Analysis Plus, the manufacturer of widely acclaimed, patented products for the Music and Pro Audio markets, has added two new, high-end instrument cables to its line, the Blue Suede Oval and White Oval.

Like the company’s legendary Yellow Oval instrument cable, both the Blue Suede and White Oval cables offer their patented, stacked hollow oval conductors surrounded by an oval shield that offers additional flexibility and movement. Both products have 20 gauge Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors and are ROHS compliant. They are completely green cables that sound as great as they feel.

Each cable offers its own unique vibe. With the White Oval, the connectors are Black/Gold Neutrick TS mono plugs. The Neutrick 90 connector will fit vintage guitars that the OVERMOLD on the Yellow Oval will not.

To maintain the vintage look of the Blue Suede Oval, the standard connectors are Switchcraft TS mono plugs. The Switchcraft 90 connector will also fit vintage guitars that the OVERMOLD on the Yellow Oval will not.

Both the Blue Suede and White Oval utilize a balanced cable design for lower common mode noise, even when used with a mono plug (TS). They are available with (ST to ST), (ST to 90) or (90 to 90) connector orientations in a variety of lengths. Both cables are also available for microphone and other uses with both XLR and TRS plugs. All cable and packaging is designed and made in the USA.

You can see the extraordinary Analysis Plus product line in person at Summer NAMM in Nashville, July 18-20 in Booth 206.

Get more information today at: https://www.analysis-plus.com/pro-audio.


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