Daisy Rock Guitars Sets the Record Straight

Female-owned guitar maker rebuts statement by VICE journalist that guitar made by artist St. Vincent is the first for mass market designed by a woman

Vicki Peterson of The Bangles with Daisy Rock Guitar

August 2, 2017, Burbank, CA – In a recent interview with guitarist St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), VICE reporter Mary H.K. Choi stated that with the release of the new St. Vincent Ernie Ball signature guitar model, Clark was the “first woman ever to create her own electric guitar for the mass market.” This categorically false statement is being rebutted by Daisy Rock Guitars President and Founder, Tish Ciravolo.

Tish Ciravolo, president and founder of Daisy Rock Guitars

Ciravolo has been designing guitars for the mass market since she founded the company in 2000. In addition, Daisy Rock has released several signature models designed by female players. “The Bangles designed and released their own signature Daisy Rock guitar in 2008,” Ciravolo shares. At its time of release, The Bangles’ guitarist Vicki Peterson stated, “We’ve got a signature model of a Daisy Rock which we’ve had the chance to make our very own – it’s a really awesome guitar. We want to get young girls into playing the guitar because we need more female rockers.”

Daisy Rock Guitars and Wanda Jackson designed the Wanda Jackson Signature Wildwood Acoustic Guitar in 2005 and Daisy Rock Guitars and Annie Clements designed the Sugarland Bass in 2011.  “There are literally hundreds of female artists that we have worked with in designing their own signature guitars, some for mass market sales, and some just because they love what Daisy Rock does and stands for. St. Vincent, as the author claims, is not the first woman to create a guitar with her name on it for the mass market” says Tish Ciravolo. “I wish VICE and Mary Choi would have done their research. Had they done so, they would have uncovered all the great women who were pioneers in encouraging other women and young girls to play guitar, in conjunction with my company.”

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The Bangles Ad for Vicki Peterson’s Signature Guitar

During the VICE interview Clark also shared the sentiment that “as a kid trying to work out Pantera riffs” she was “offended” by pink or flower-shaped guitars that were made by guitar brands “catering specifically to women.”

In regard to this statement by Clark, Bonnie Gallanter, Director of The Women’s International Music Network and President, Muse Artist Management, commented, “Why would the availability of a guitar that might appeal to girls offend a player? If you don’t like a pink or flowered guitar, buy something else. But don’t deny that guitars made for girls has made guitar playing more appealing to girls, and that guitars of all shapes, colors and sizes should be available to players of all shapes, sizes and genders. Many of my younger artists were inspired to pick up and learn guitar because of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars. ”

Founded in 2000, Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is the original girl guitar company dedicated to successfully supplying and marketing professional quality guitars for females of all ages. All Daisy Rock guitars are designed specifically for the female form and feature lightweight bodies, “Slim & Narrow” neck profiles to better fit smaller hands, and are available in inspiring finishes. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars’ ongoing mission is to do whatever it takes to help girls play guitar and enjoy music.

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Find out more about Daisy Rock Girl Guitars at DaisyRock.com.

About Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is led by its Founder and President, Tish Ciravolo. Ciravolo is a highly-acclaimed expert on female empowerment and females in music.  Tish’s expertise has been immortalized by her induction into the Museum of Making Music, the world’s premier museum showcasing the history of the music products industry. She is widely regarded as a visionary in the industry and has been the recipient of many awards recognizing her work, such as the “She Rocks Awards,” Guitar Goddess Magazine’s “Trailblazer Award,” and the “Searchlight Scholar” award from the Women’s Executive Leadership Summit. Ciravolo serves on numerous boards, including the Ovation Music Fund,  She Rocks, The Museum of Making Music, The Pacific Music Management Advisory Board, the BLACK-E Advisory Board, and Game Nation Board. Ciravolo’s deep insight into the subject of girl guitars and female empowerment has made her a sought-after and frequent contributor on national and international television, newspapers, magazines, websites, and radio programs including People, Time, Newsweek, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, VH1, the Premier Radio Network, BBC Radio, and the Associated Press. Daisy Rock Girl Guitars is distributed exclusively by KMC Music. daisyrock.com

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