Photo by Jeff Fasano
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“Don’t be a ‘young woman.’ Be a musician, a producer, a composer, an engineer — never let gender be a part of your description. Others will; they’ll try to compartmentalize you. That’s not your worry. Put your head down and study. Respect the past, regale the future. Say yes. Do the work, put in the reps, and remember the whole point is to participate in the universal language of music.” ~ Linda Taylor

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“Learn everything you can about your niche of the industry and become a master of it. Everyone will spill their advice on you but it’s really about being a strong, confident (but open-minded) executive who knows what they want. Listen closely to those who are more successful than yourself, but always keep in mind that it’s not the only path to the next level. It’s unfortunate that the world of music-making is still slightly male-dominated, but I think we’re making a lot of progress by seeing other Women rise to the top.” ~ Betty Moon

Photo by Vasia Anagnostopoulou Photography

“Knowledge, inspiration, risk, and faith: four words that can create an interesting life!” Eva Gia

Photo by Nathan Neyman

“I think young women should just continue to do their best and find influences in a wide range of musicians. Never feel that you will be held back because of your gender. We are so capable of greatness. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.” ~ Chena Roxx

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  1. If music chose you, then she has something to say through you, so don’t be intimidated.
  2. Read The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten.
  3. Don’t-get-caught-slippin’ (practice and know your stuff).

~Kianna Cameron

Photo by Jack Lue

“Practice, Practice, PRACTICE. We already have enough people out here saying we’re “not as good as men.” The more you play, the harder you prove them wrong. Also, keep your head held high and don’t cheapen yourself. People suck, and the industry is hard! Remembering your worth and having a thick skin is the best advice anyone could give.”  ~ Constance Antoinette


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