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On-stage fix: hairstyles using headbands PLUS Top 10 tips to styling your hair with headbands

Hipsy Hairbands

When it comes to hair, there are only two style days: good ones and the rest. You’re in luck today, because you’re not going to get the magic solution to always having good hair days – there isn’t one, but you will discover how to tackle the rest of them with hairstyles using headbands.

For a stage woman, hair can speak volumes. It can give insights into your mood that day and even your personality. And if you’re between styles, using headbands can come in handy and you can fix your tresses in no time before heading on with what you’re here to do: conquer the world with your tunes!

Greek Goddess bustvintage-photo-lady-wearing-pearl-headband


Both men and women have been wearing headbands for a lot of centuries as chic accessories or even political emblems. Greek and Roman goddesses loved their natural bands, while ‘20s ladies loved their pearl pieces. Then came guerrilla fighters with their thick colorful styles.

Head accessories will always be trendy and they’re very versatile. You can wear headbands with whatever you choose to dazzle in at the moment- from day time hippie festivals to night time grunge shows, even an evening out on the town.

A boho piece in a flower print or tie die will help set you in a “groovy” mood and add color to your overall look, an animal print can add a wild touch to your grunge style, and glitter can add the final touch to your evening attire.  What’s more, headbands are great whether you have long or short hair.

Hipsy has several designs in different prints to suit just about any occasion- florals, animal prints, boho, glitter, tie die, and solids.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company was founded in 2012 with the desire to design a comfortable, stylish headband that would overcome some of the most common complaints from consumers such as the headband being too tight or too lose, stretching out, or not staying in place.

Through their innovative materials and designs, Hipsy answered those problems with their “perfect-fit…perfect-hold” headband.

Hipsy offers several different types of headbands:  Xflex (Spandex headbands great for sports); Ultrahold (fashionable glitter and functional patterns for every day/occasion use), and their Coloring Bands (classic coloring book design great for arts and craft ideas for kids).

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We’ve included here 10 tips to help you get started sporting your Hipsy headband today!

Top 10 tips to styling your hair with headbands

  1. One of the most important tips and styling rules is to wear it with the right attitude and feel confident about it. Wear it with a big smile and learn to have fun and laugh about fashion and trends.
  2. It’s important to pick a style – simple, bedazzled, prints, thin or thick, which style suits your head and hair? This can also turn into your staple piece which you can wear at every gig. If you have a larger forehead, you can opt for their thicker models, and if you have puffy hair, go for thin ones.
  3. It’s also vital that you opt for a comfortable item which doesn’t feel like squishing your head. Otherwise it will give you a headache. That is what is so great about Hipsy, they are comfortable!
  4. Try various headbands until you find a piece which matches your style and personality.
  5. A great tip for those with thinner hair, try adding some volume to your hairstyle so it won’t flatten over time while wearing the headband.
  6. If you’re a heavy sweater, then you should definitely give Hipsy’s thick Xflex spandex headbands a try. They will keep your make-up and hair in check and nobody will notice any mishaps.
  7. For special occasions, don’t be afraid to wear elegant materials like velvet, glitter or lace.
  8. If you’re thinking of making headbands your statement accessory, add a special pin or even flower to whatever model you pick. Customization is the key to success!
  9. If you want to change your headband style during a performance or event, opt for a thin black model and wear your hair down straight or in “surfer” curls. Then later you can knit your hair in two thin braids and cross them over the band and tuck in the ends. The band will keep your hair in place and your hair will be the main attraction.
  10. Last, but definitely not least, once you’re bored with loose hair and headbands, it’s time for some updos. Style your hair, pin it at the back, and add a band. Or, you can straighten your hair, add the band, and then roll at the base of your neck pulling thin hair strands down the back of your neck.

girl wearing headband playing guitar

Whatever you chose, have fun.  The choice you make will define you, so make it wisely!

Searching for the ultimate hair accessory? Visit for more information.

Hipsy is available online at The following retail stores carry Hipsy headbands: Kroger, Ralph’s, Kings Sooper, QFCs, Smiths, Dillons, Fry’s, and hundreds of small boutiques throughout the world.

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