Unveiling the Soulful Journey: A Conversation About the Inspirations Behind “God’s Hotel” and More

photo credit is CeCe Dawson
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In this exclusive interview, Peytan Porter shares the stories behind the creation of her latest music, including the hit song “God’s Hotel.” Join us as we delve into the songwriting process, musical influences, and the profound messages she hopes to convey to her fans and listeners. Get ready for a heartfelt discussion on life, faith, and the coming-of-age vibes that define her newest sound!

Tell us about the inspiration behind your new music.

With “God’s Hotel” and the rest of the new music coming out, I did a lot of reflecting on my experiences this past year since putting out my first EP. I’ve learned a lot about how I want my shows to feel and I want to be honest with both myself and listeners about how I see the world. I think a lot of this new music really has a coming-of-age vibe to it.

What was the songwriting and recording process?

The songwriting process for “God’s Hotel” was a lot of fun since I wrote it with Jeff Garrison and Faren Rachels, two people I really love working with. We actually sat on this song for two years and I eventually decided to cut it. When we went to record it, I wanted it to feel organic and rootsy and have the soul of the original demo. I loved having my good friend Harper O’Neill sing background vocals on it and having Greg Bates produce it. He really made the song come alive.

photo credit is CeCe Dawson

What do you hope your fans/listeners take away with them when they listen to your music?

I hope listeners take away the idea that it’s okay to think for yourself. With faith, friendship, and just life in general it’s important to ask big questions and be okay with those answers being different than what you thought they might be. I also want them to know that my shows are always place for everyone to come together and have a good time!

When did you first pick up the guitar, and what drew you to that instrument?

I picked up the guitar in my sophomore year of high school – I took a class with my best friend Tabitha. I really wanted to play an instrument so that I could write songs and I knew guitar would help me as a country artist.

Speaking of instruments, what brand(s) do you play and why?

I am a fan of several guitar brands but I currently play a Gibson. I love the sound and feel. I started playing one because a lot of my favorite singer-songwriters like Emmylou Harris and John Prine played a Gibson.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I have a lot of music influences like Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, and Dolly Parton.

Will you be touring in support of your new music?

Yes, I’m playing a bunch of Live Nation festivals this summer and have a big hometown show in October. Love to be on the road as much as I can!


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