Tone Talk with Paige Williams

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P A I G E is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Some of her musical influences include John Mayer, Lalah Hathaway and Kimbra, and the list doesn’t stop there. What does her music sound like? Great question. Her music is a collective of many styles ranging from R&B & Pop, to folk. She describes her feeling of her music by saying “I simply just like to play what feels good”. Since moving to Los Angeles, CA, she has performed at NAMM, acted in Todrick Hall’s Netflix special and opened up for Sir-Mix-A-Lot. After putting her focus into performing these last few years, she will finally be releasing her new single ” Not Again” within the next month. 

What is your definition of tone, and how has it changed over the years?

Tone/timbre really depends on the song/vibe for me. I feel like it’s continuously changing and adapting over time. 

Which guitars, amps, and pedals are you currently using and why?

I’m currently using an acoustic-electric Ibanez (usually put through the PA) and a Vox Valvetronix VT80+ that I use on my Epiphone hollow body.   

What about strings?

I love Earthwood lights for my acoustic so I play on those the most! 

Are there certain recording techniques you prefer in the studio?

 Not yet but soon I will have a list of my preferred techniques! 

How do you keep your sound consistent onstage?

I keep my sound consistent on stage by getting to know the sound person at each show, Haha! Regardless of the setup you have, Front of House needs to be approachable and willing to hear your critiques which ultimately means BE NICE to them. I promise it goes a long way. 🙂

I also make sure I have relatively new strings on my guitar and have my setup ready to go before I hit the stage. 

What does your practice consist of?

My solo practice usually consists of me learning new music that has my attention. I try to dissect music and figure out exactly why I like it. This process inspires me to include the same devices in my music and continue to grow as a musician and writer. 

To be honest, my band practice can be a hot ass mess at times. My bandmates are four super talented men that can get a little goofy at times but it always ends up productive by the conclusion of rehearsal. We try to start rehearsal with something we know then we go into a tune that really needs work and jam on something to end on a high.

What is your advice for young women who hope to work in the music industry? 

 KEEP GOING. Stay true to the music that makes YOU happy and always keep it genuine.


Keep up with Paige by following her on IG @paigepaigemhmmm and by visiting her website

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