Take Five with Amber Ryann

Photos by Alex Cobain

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Special Edition 2022 – I Belong

Music has always been a source of comfort for singer-songwriter Amber Ryann. From a very young age, she knew that music was the path for her. With time, she realized creating her music was an opportunity to try to make sense of the world around her. She designs her merchandise, films her media content, and directs and edits her music videos. Amber’s inspiration and sound can be accredited to her father, a hip-hop producer, and her mother, a huge fan of late 90s R&B and hip-hop music. Her experiences as part of the LGBTQ community greatly influenced her writing, leading her to create “Underrated Artist Season” (UAS),  an online community space for QBIPOC artists. UAS is unique because the entire platform is full of music curated by the artists consuming it. GGM spoke with Amber Ryann about her musical background, songwriting process, inspirations, and gear.

Tell us a little about your musical background; how old were you when you started playing guitar, and what inspired your passion for music?
Well, my dad was a music producer, so I grew up around a lot of music. The more I watched him produce and create records, the more I gravitated toward any and every instrument I could get my hands on. I first picked up a guitar at age ten after seeing a band called My Chemical Romance playing on MTV. The feeling of discovering music resonated with me in such an impactful way, which made me realize I wanted to be a musician and an artist. What inspires my passion and drive for music to this day is the potential to create something that connects and resonates with someone else in a meaningful way.

What inspires you to wake up every day and continue pursuing your dreams?
Connecting to people and making an impact. My passion for art gives me the freedom to express myself unapologetically. I wouldn’t be pursuing music if I felt my music didn’t have the potential to impact someone’s life.

Take us through your songwriting process. What types of environments do you feel you need to be your most creative?
Now that I’ve practiced songwriting, I can confidently say I can adapt to new environments, especially if it’s just me. I usually start by writing chord progressions with a guitar or chopping up some samples. I then begin singing topline ideas immediately. Whenever the melody comes from my mind, it first ends up being the song’s hook because I’ve noticed that the first ideas that come to fruition are the freshest, exciting and memorable. Then I’ll build the rest of the track out and usually co-produce the rest with my producer Zach Golden.

Photos by Alex Cobain

What guitars are you playing right now?
My Music Man Cutlass, Traditional Les Paul, and a Martin OMJM John Mayer signature acoustic.

Finish this sentence: I believe music…
Is in its best era; the bounds of creativity and innovation are limitless.