Jordana Bryant talks “This Love,” songwriting, and inspiration

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Rising young country artist, Jordana Bryant, released a new single, “This Love,” in October from her forthcoming EP due out soon. Bryant picked up the guitar at the age of ten and her father taught her the basics. Now, five years later, Bryant’s passion for music and songwriting has her writing and recording new music to share with the world.

Listen to “This Love” at this link:

Bryant shared with us the inspiration behind “This Love,” her background in music, and what’s next.

We love your debut single, “This Love!” Can you tell us a little more about the story behind the song?
Thank you! I’m so glad to hear that! ‘This Love’ is all about the excitement at the beginning of a relationship. We all daydream about the joy of young love, so I really just wanted to spread that excitement with ‘This Love’!

What is your favorite part about the song? Maybe a favorite lyric?
I think if I had to choose, my favorite lyric of the song would be: “Now it’s you and me on my home screen, and a text before I can fall asleep,” because personally, those are two aspects of a relationship that I really love daydreaming about, and, similarly, have really resonated for my fans, which is awesome!

What was the songwriting process for the single?
I actually had written about thirty seconds of the song right before going live on Instagram, and so I decided to play it for everyone. It got such a great response that I knew I had to finish it and release it as my debut single, and I’m so grateful to have been able to write it with Jesse Lee and Seth Mosely. Just being in the room with them (even though it was only virtually) really taught me a lot about songwriting.

How did you first get started in music? Was there a particular moment when you knew you wanted to be a country music artist?
Ever since I was very little, I always loved music because of how it could inspire people and bring them together. Then about five years ago, I started writing, and I completely fell in love with it because of how I was able to control what message I put out into the world, and I felt that it was an awesome way to spread positivity. As for being in the country genre, there was no question for me because I’ve always just loved how country music tells such vivid stories—so when I started writing, I knew that I wanted to share those kinds of stories.

When did you start playing guitar? Who taught you?
I started playing the guitar about five years ago after getting a guitar for Christmas, and my dad taught me the basics. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with learning how to play my favorite covers and messing around with chords for writing my own songs!

Who are some of your musical influences?
There are so many musicians who inspire me, but I’d say the main ones are Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, and Maren Morris. I really love how throughout their music careers, they’ve been able to stay true to themselves and also put out music that’s relatable to fans.

What do you hope your fans/listeners take away with them when they listen to your music?
I really hope that when listening to my music, my fans take away how important it is to stay true to yourself and just be you. I love sharing positivity through my music, so I really hope my fans find my music uplifting.

What’s next for you? Any more new music coming in the near future?!
Right now, I’m working on an EP of five songs, which I’ll be releasing over the next few months—‘This Love’ is the first single off my EP. After that, I’ll be working on finishing up a couple more songs that are currently in the works to round out a first album.