Japanese J-Metal Quintent BRIDEAR on new album ‘Bloody Bride’

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The Japanese J-metal quintet BRIDEAR is releasing their debut album, Bloody Bride, on May 7, 2021, via UK-based label SETSUZOKU RECORDS. The band was formed in 2012 and after a few changes, their current lineup is HARU, KIMI, MISAKI, AYMI, and NATSUMI. The bandmates fill us in on their background in music and their upcoming album.

Can each of you tell us a little about your background in music?

HARU (Bass & growl): In my childhood, I really appreciated and loved classical music and played the piano. After that, I was influenced by Japanese visual-kei bands and began playing bass.
KIMI (vocalist): I was influenced to sing by 1980s and 2000s heavy metal as well as JPOP.
MISAKI (Guitarist): I started playing when I was younger after being inspired by Andy Timmons (Danger Danger and support/solo artist) and Richie Blackmore in his project “Blackmore’s Night.”
AYUMI (Guitarist): I was influenced in my youth to play the guitar by Japanese male rock bands, but also inspired by the great British rock bands who are respected all over the world.
NATSUMI (Drums): I first became interested in music after watching the 2010 Japanese movie “Beck” about Japanese teenagers who formed a band and fought for success and fame. I started playing drums and became really influenced by the Japanese rock band UVERWorld.

How was the band formed?

KIMI: I was at a party and met HARU. We became friends and our other mixed-gender bands broke up, so we decided to form an all-female group, and this became BRIDEAR in 2012! We are happy to still be going and hitting our stride!

What metal bands/musicians influence your music?

KIMI: We are fans of the great heavy metal bands from overseas such as Iron Maiden from the UK and Helloween from Germany. Modern metal as well like Amaranthe from Sweden is a big influence.

With the upcoming release of your new album Bloody Bride, what can fans expect?

KIMI: For new fans overseas, they can expect the true strength of a real all-female band which can exceed anything the all-male bands can deliver! All-female groups are still very few in other countries, but we prove we can thrive! For current fans, they can expect the evolution of BRIDEAR with heavy and catchy songs which reflect our influences.

Is there a standout song that the band feels most proud to have created?

HARU: ‘Bloody Bride,’ the title track from the new album. It is really heavy, inspired by our travels in Europe, and I wrote lyrics in English.
KIMI: ‘Starlight,’ also on the new album Bloody Bride. It’s a beautiful song I wrote with guitarist AYUMI. We are very proud of it.

How about the songwriting process for the band? Is it an equal collaboration, or is there any one member who takes the lead?

KIMI: MISAKI and I write most of the songs, however, we all discuss and decide on the material together, so we all have a significant contribution. All of the members have some songwriting credits on the new album.
MISAKI: Yes, though KIMI is in charge of the lyrics mostly. HARU contributed lyrics to the title track, and I wrote some lyrics as well on the tracks ‘Keshin,’ and ‘Dream Eater.’

What did the recording process look like for this album?

KIMI: Since we were working on the album during the COVID-19 situation, all of the members couldn’t always meet at the same time, so we had to work remotely most of the time. It was unusual and challenging compared to previous albums. Communication about creative ideas was difficult, but I think we overcame that obstacle and achieved a great deal with an album we are very proud of!

Tell us about your gear (what brands you play and why).

MISAKI: I’m using the ST-1 QM from the ESP E-II series, which is the only Strat style in the E-II series. The reason why I use this guitar is that it has no ‘habitual sound’ or inescapable quality, so it is very easy to customize the sound I need for a song. Also, physically the grip for the left hand is very good for me increasing playability. The high frets are also very easy for me to access.
AYUMI: I use G-Life Guitars, specifically a G-PHOENIX Custom. Outside of Japan, not people know of the brand. I use it because of tone and playability. I feel it expresses the BRIDEAR songs the best out of all the guitars I have.

Outside of music, what are some of your interests and hobbies?

KIMI: My hobbies include Anime, karaoke, and I love cats!
MISAKI: I’m very interested in European cities and culture so I am looking forward to touring again!
AYUMI: Playing video games and I love watching baseball!
HARU: I’m interested in costume design, maintenance of music equipment, and video production, still related to music.
NATSUMI: I stay fit and love sport and exercise. Air jumping rope, muscle training, and swimming.



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