INTERVIEW | Talking with 11-year-old chanteuse Penelope Robin

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Only 11-years-old, electro-pop singer-songwriter Penelope Robin is well on her way to becoming the next superstar.

She recently hooked up with music producers 99 Goonsquad, aka Julian and Jovani Jara, who are identical twins, to release the en vogue single/music video “4 Leaf Clover.”

Penelope has been acting and singing since the age of five, releasing successful hits such as “Little Bitty Heart,” “You’re Mine,” and “Some Girls.” Right now, she is working on her debut album.

Guitar Girl Magazine spoke with the Penelope about her influences, her guitar, and what’s next for her.

How would you describe yourself?

Probably SUPER crazyyy and loud lol.

How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there?

Well, my dad is a music producer, and I would always ask him to make a song with me and he would say sureeeee…. but it never happened lol, so then one day I cornered him from the studio and took him to the piano and then we made my first song “Little Bitty Heart”!!

What’s your favorite song to belt out in the car or the shower?

Well, I love “Too good to say goodbye” by Bruno Mars, that’s actually one of my favorite songs. I just love it so much I belt it out in the car, the shower, my room while I clean…everywhere really…lol.

What singers/musicians influenced you the most?

Definitely Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift just because they’re so awesome and so inspiring!!

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

In my everyday life experiences.  It just kind of comes to you. Good things, bad things, funny things, it all brings out emotions that become songs or just lyrics ideas.

What is your songwriting process? Lyrics first, or music?

Kinda both you know. If my dad made a track then we will start writing to it, but if I’m just on my guitar I’ll write my lyrics and start going on and on.

What inspired your new single/music video “4 Leaf Clover?”

Well, I LOVEEE steampunk and so does the whole team, so we all decided to make it super cool and trippy.

How did you come to hook up with 99 Goonsquad?

Actually through TikTok! One time I was on there live and I told them that we should meet up and do a song and they replied and said “for sureeee” and then it all happened from there!

What kind of guitar do you play? And why?

Hahaha, well my guitar is my baby and it’s a Taylor GS Mini; they have such good guitars and they’re so nice. The funny story behind how I got it is that I used to have a little travel guitar and I had a trip to LA to meet with some agents and play for them. Well, I forgot my guitar in Miami!! So I had to run to Sam Ash in LA and buy a guitar, which of course worked great for me because I had been begging for this guitar forever and it all just happened like destiny. It is really my favorite.

Have you made any special modifications to your guitar?

Not yet, but I’d really love to get a flying V electric guitar.

Are you working on any new songs?

Yes, yes I am but those are secret for now…

What’s next for you musically?

Well, I want to learn a bunch of new instruments like electric, drums, and ukulele, and a bunch of new songs are coming out, so be readyyyy!

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