Five Fun Facts about Ronna Reason

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Photo by Angela Izzo
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Ronna Reason began her prolific musical career in the ‘80s, quickly gaining notoriety for her punky but groove-steady bass rhythms. Her post-punk feminist bands Joe For A Night and Ms 45 opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Iggy Pop, and more after she turned down an offer to join the Smashing Pumpkins.

Since the early ’00s, Ronna has run the Kingsize Soundlabs empire with producer/musician Dave Trumfio (Pulsars, Mekons) and opened Gold-Diggers, East Hollywood’s esteemed boutique hotel/club/recording studio.

Top 3 songs on your playlist?

Geneva Jacuzzi – “Clothes on The Bed” – Love it—art and music collide!

X-Ray Spex – “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” – Love the sax in the song. Groundbreaking performer for many. Can’t wait to see the new documentary Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché.

Bow Wow Wow – “C30 C60 C90 Go!” – Their first single! The song has great energy and talks about the beginning of music pirating.

First live concert?

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing Tour at Beginnings Club in Schaumburg, Ill.

The club was close to where I grew up. I went with my friend Crown Victoria (featured in my song “Panic Town”). We had really bad fake IDs that we made ourselves by using a ballpoint pen to change our birth years. We were hungry for raw music and a different culture from ours—and we got it.

I remember still being in shock the next day at school and trying to explain to my fellow sixteen-year-olds what I witnessed: Iggy deliberately cut himself on stage (with jagged glass, I think) and bled everywhere—and he pulled out his penis which he had tied a bow around. It was an eye-opening devirginizing show experience, to say the least—and I couldn’t have ever dreamed then that Victoria and I would both later tour with him as the opening act in our old band Ms .45!

Music Premiere: Ronna Reason releases new single “American Queen”  

Dream collaboration?

Besides the one I already did, Annabella from Bow Wow Wow (check off the list!), I’d love to collaborate with Marianne Faithful, Kim Deal, M.I.A., and Kim Gordon.

Pre-performance ritual?

Reading over my lyrics. Even though I wrote them, I sometimes forget them!

I paint my nails a bright color hoping the color pops on the frets of my bass.

Make-up, hair, and costumes are always important because I’m putting on a show!

Interests outside of music?        

Art, fashion, animal rights, recycling, saving the world of racism one Primary at a time. I also love ‘60s art flicks! I get obsessed and watch them over and over again. A few of my favorites: Blow Up, Zabriskie Point, Fahrenheit 451, and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

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