Doll Skin: From high school stage to Vans Warped Tour

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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 9 – Autumn 2019 – Ladies of Metal

The four ladies of Doll Skin are rising rock stars that can’t be ignored. Rockers Meghan Herring, Sydney Dolezal, Nicole Rich, and Alex Snowden come together to form the epic band Doll Skin. These up and comers have been catching the attention of many in the music world, including David Ellefson, the bassist of the band Megadeth, who first saw them at a high school battle of the bands called Rock Revolution.

Now, six years later, they’ve garnered considerable popularity in their hometown of Phoenix, Ariz., are often compared to The Runaways, have caught the ears of concert goers during last year’s Vans Warped Tour, and just released their third album Love Is Dead and We Killed Her. Right now they are preparing to kick off a UK and Europe tour which starts August 28 in the Czech Republic.

Check out what the members of Doll Skin had to say about all of this and more.

Tell us about the origins of Doll Skin, and how far the group has come since first forming.

Nicole:  Meghan got us together in 2013 for a battle of the bands at her local high school after all of us meeting and playing together at the School of Rock Scottsdale. Since then, we’ve been on the road for a couple of years and played countless shows! We recently signed to Hopeless Records and released our third album called Love Is Dead and We Killed Her.

Doll Skin has been listed as one of the “10 Best Bands and Musicians in Phoenix Under the Age of 21,” the “10 Best Female Fronted Bands in Phoenix,” the “Best Break-Through Band,” and the Listener’s Choice Award winner for “Favorite Female Fronted Band.” Having seen a lot of success and popularity recently, did you ever think the band would reach this point when you were first starting?

Nicole:  Honest answer — not at all! We started this band just to compete in a high school battle of the bands and really only kept pursuing it because we were having fun and people seemed to enjoy us. Over the years we’ve done things I never imagined we would accomplish, and it’s been really amazing to look at how far we’ve grown. Every day keeps us on our toes.

Your style has been described as a fusion of metal and punk, with a sprinkle of pop. Were you always drawn to these genres of music, or did you start in another genre?

Alex:  When we first started as a band, we had a hard time deciding on a genre. We soon realized we didn’t really need to make that decision, but rather let the music do what it’s going to do. All of us have a wide variety of musical tastes and preferences, so they’ve joined with common ground in punk and alternative/hard rock, with some metal flare.

What’s the group’s songwriting process? From where do you draw inspiration for your lyrics and melodies?

Sydney:  When I work with Meghan on lyrics, I already start thinking about what kind of melody feels right and what songs/singers I could get inspiration from. I drew a lot from Hayley Williams (Paramore), Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Jason Butler (Letlive), and Lacey Sturm (formerly of Flyleaf) for this album. Every once in a while, I did feel some Lady Gaga flowing through me.

You played at the Vans Warped Tour in 2018, which was the final cross-country tour. Warped announced this year they are limiting its shows to select cities while celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Meghan:  It was an honor being a part of the Vans Warped Tour. We are very lucky to say we played the last [cros-country] Warped ever. It is such a rewarding tour. It’s done wonders for us in every way. Warped has helped us gain a wider fan base, and we are so grateful!

What do you think playing on Warped did for building up your fan base?

Nicole:  Being on the road is definitely the best way to grow as a band. Meeting new people all around the country is super rewarding, and seeing people show up and sing along to our songs in random states is the coolest feeling in the world. It’s great to expose people to our music by touring around and playing it for them live that would have otherwise never heard it.

What can concertgoers expect from seeing Doll Skin live?

Alex:  At a live show, you can expect a very energetic performance. From jumping into crowds and hanging from anything within reach, we want our audience to have as much fun as we do!

You’re currently gearing up for a European tour. Is Doll Skin’s brand of punk/metal alive and well overseas?

Nicole:  We sure hope so! The fans overseas are overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive, so it’s great to see them.

As artists mature and move further down the road professionally, their interests and priorities change. What do you think the future has in store for Doll Skin?

Meghan:  That’s a tough one. It’s kinda like one of those “where will you be in five years” questions. For us, I hope we grow musically and as humans in the most positive way possible. I would hope we get on the festival circuit as well. Life throws curve balls at you, so you never know what may happen. But I’m hoping we can power through whatever happens together!


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