Alicia Vigil: rock ‘n’ roll bassist, actress, and … former flute player?

Alicia Vigil photo by Jack Lue
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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 9 – Autumn 2019 – Ladies of Metal

Alicia Vigil is a powerhouse of a musician and this summer she fulfilled a life-long dream. Vigil and her band, Vigil Of War, will be playing with VANS Warped tour in celebration of the famed tour’s 25th anniversary. On top of that, Vigil Of War also debuted their new single at an intimate show at The Redwood Bar, which Vigil described as “a cool pirate-themed dive bar in downtown LA.”

Based in Los Angeles, Vigil of War is a four-piece rock band that was formed in 2017. The band is fronted by Alicia Vigil (vocals/bass), Shane Taylor (guitar/keys), Chris Wilson (drums), and Kiki Wongo (guitar/bass).

Check out what Vigil had to say about all of this and more.

Vigil of War’s new single “Hurricane” is out now. What inspired the track?

“Hurricane” is about any kind of bipolar relationship, whether that be a friend or love interest. I’m sure in life everyone deals with someone who’s hot and cold, so this was my take on that. 

You had a couple of exciting live shows, including VANS Warped tour in California. What can you tell us about that show?

Yes!! It has been a life dream of mine to be able to play Warped Tour, so we were so excited about it! The official tour actually ended its full run last year, but this year they are doing three special cities in celebration of their 25th anniversary, so we are honored to be part of the West Coast weekend. So many amazing bands, quite a few stages, and just an all-around good time! 

What kind of bass do you generally bring with you on stage? Do you use a different one in the studio?

I always play my Zemaitis bass live, which is a badass Japanese brand I’m stoked to be partnered with. They’ve just expanded their partnership with the Japanese company “Greco,” so all of our upcoming shows I will be playing both my Zemaitis and my new Greco bass! Both have such great and different tones, so I think it’s really going to add a new dynamic to our set. I like bringing along my Zemaitis as well as my Jerry Only (Misfits) custom “Devastator” bass for recording. 

I also understand that you play guitar. What kind of guitars do you tend to play?

Yeah, I started playing guitar as my first string instrument when I was 12. I have both Schecter and Jackson guitars. I’m a sucker for nice, metal guitars with bite! 

And I understand that you also play the flute. Why the flute?

Ha-ha, you must’ve really done your research! I don’t really play flute so much anymore, but it was the first real instrument I took seriously, as I started when I was 9 and continued playing it all throughout middle and high school. I value those years of playing as I learned all about theory, dynamics, and how to read music. So it definitely has helped me as a musician playing bass today. 

As an actress and a model, what other projects do you have on the go this year?

I will be a part of a really cool music video ad for a badass rock ‘n’ roll brand that will be playing on the jumbo screen before one of the biggest bands in rock ‘n’ roll go onstage. That’s about all I can say for now, but I’m very excited about it! 

Finally, what advice would you give to young musicians?

To never let anyone discourage you from choosing an artistic path. Practicing and work ethic is super important and know that good things take time!

NOTE:  Alicia Vigil is our April featured artist in our 2020 Guitar Girl Magazine calendar that can be purchased HERE.

2020 Guitar Girl Magazine April Artist Alicia Vigil – Photo by Jack Lue

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