Alexandria Corn lives by her motto: “Write, Release, Repeat!”

Photo by Matt Bacnis

From classical, to pop, to country and now back to pop — small-town native Alexandria Corn is living by her own motto: “write, release, repeat!” With influences ranging from Madonna to Miley, this Nashville-based singer-songwriter has finally found her niche when it comes to being a true artist. After putting the needs of the industry machine aside and taking her career into her own hands, Alexandria’s amiable and warm-hearted demeanor truly shines through, thanks to her renewed confidence in her artistry.

Her latest single, “Anti-Social,” released on March 26th, provides listeners with relatable lyrics and sonic experimentation that will leave fans begging for more. This new release shows a once-hidden side of Alexandria that every person can connect to these days. As Alexandria works hard on her current project, “ACORN,” she provides hope to her listeners that live shows will return soon!

Listen to “Anti-Social” HERE.

“Everyone has their own story to tell. We all live our lives very differently. We live different experiences. But one thing that unites us — the gift of feeling music. Nobody can take that away from us. And to me, that is pure magic.”

Tell us about your new music and the inspiration behind it.

I’ve always liked just “great music.” I never loved the whole idea of being genre-specific, but I knew that being in this industry, you have to be in a specific market. I really struggled with that for years. I went to school for musical theatre, and I was classically trained. Every music teacher that I have ever had told me that I have a voice that can master any vocal style or sound that I wanted. So when I heard that, I took it into action. I studied theatrical/classical and pop/rock for years before shifting into straight pop. From pop, I went to country.

After years of learning the vocal techniques of them all, I started writing the songs and becoming my own artist. Quarantine had a lot to do with my new pop project. I get bored very easily, and I felt uninspired writing country. I decided to switch it up and try pop again. I’m finally finding out what music makes me happiest, especially after spending years wondering if the “industry” can market me or not. You learn that is not important if you are a true artist. I used to pay so much attention to wondering if they will like me. I took meetings with labels who would tell me how to dress and how to act and what I should and shouldn’t post to social media. Talk about exhausting! Since cutting that out of my career and taking it in my own hands, I have gotten much more in tune with who I really am as an artist. I don’t want to be categorized into one genre anymore. I want to make just “great music.”

What was the songwriting and recording process?

I had an interesting night out a few days before we wrote this song. I came into the studio telling my co-writers (Khiana Meyer and Jackson Nance) all about it and how sometimes I just wish I didn’t go out on nights that I don’t feel like it. But we always feel the pressure from friends, and I always end up thinking “just go, maybe you will have a good time.” It’s funny because when I lived in Los Angeles, I loved to go out at night and have drinks and dance. Since then, though, I feel like my social anxiety level has dropped immensely (LOL). Long story short, I went out, waited in a line to get into a bar around 9:30 p.m., and everyone around me was drunk off of $14 Jack and Cokes. I had a group of girls who I have never met tell me to “cheer up” because I looked miserable. Well, they were right 🙂 I was. And I just wanted to go home and watch a movie with my dog. A few days later, I was thankful for that night because “Anti-Social” was written.

What do you hope your fans/listeners take away with them when they listen to your music?

I want them to feel like they know me and I’m a friend, even if they have never met me. I want the young women who listen to it to know that we as females can do literally anything. We have this indefinite power in us, but a lot of us fail to find it and use it. And I have been there before. I have been the shy, insecure girl who was scared to act and dress a certain way because her boyfriend at the time wouldn’t let her. I hope that none of my female fans have to go through that, and if they are, to know your worth. I want them to know that it is okay to stand up for yourself; it’s okay to dress the way you want to express yourself and say whatever YOU want to say in your life. I have learned all of this the hard way, so I thank my fans for helping me believe in myself, and because of that, this has led to the creation of my new music.

When did you first pick up the guitar, and what drew you to that instrument?

My dad bought me my first guitar at fifteen years old. It was nothing fancy, but it’s so special to me because of the bond we shared that day picking it out together. I still use that guitar for most of my acoustic shows and rounds.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Artists I have looked up to since I was younger include Cher, Madonna, Celine Dion, and Gwen Stefani. I wouldn’t say that they are so much influencing my new sound, but I look up to them on an artist level. Right now, I’m currently listening to a lot of Fletcher, Tate McRae, Sasha Sloan, UPSAHL, and of course, Miley Cyrus. I just dig her new album and her new look/sound.

What’s next?

Write, release, repeat! I have spent a long time honing my craft, and I finally feel like I have found my sound. I have experimented with a lot of different instruments, sounds, vocal tones, and I really enjoy what I’m working on now. I think that’s all that matters, whatever makes you happiest when creating. I want to put out as much music as I can right now and make up for the lost time when I was back making country music.

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