Thanksgiving Playlist 2020

girl with headphones for fall playlist
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

As we head into Thanksgiving and planning our meals and events while practicing social distancing, of course, we’ve compiled a playlist with some songs to fill your days with the healing power of music.

Caroline Romano “Power Suit” Visualizer

Caroline Romano stuns in the visualizer for her new song “Power Suit” – an upbeat, female empowerment anthem!

Carly Pearce “Next Girl”

We’re loving this new release from Carly Pearce, and we’re certainly grateful for her words of wisdom she gives us here.

Liddy Clark “Your Ghost”

We can’t get enough of Liddy’s top-notch vocals in her new song “Your Ghost.” Take a listen!

Gabby Barrett “Footprints on the Moon”

Gabby Barret’s inspirational anthem from her new Goldmine album is a smash. We’re certainly thankful for this voice in country music!

Gabrielle Mooney “Pray For You”

Gabrielle Mooney shares her powerhouse vocals in her sophomore single “Pray For You.” Check it out now!

Abby Anderson “Don’t Matter Now”

Abby hits us right in the feels with her charismatic new track, “Don’t Matter Now.” Abby reminds us of the importance of love and the little things during dark and uncertain times.

Amanda Kate – “Buzzin”

Amanda Kate’s single “Buzzin” is the upbeat pick-me-up for any Thanksgiving playlist!

Amy Jack – “Big Boy Up”

We all need a good song to turn on for the traditional Thanksgiving football game, and Amy Jack’s “Big Boy Up” is the perfect fit here!

Miranda Lambert “Bluebird”

Miranda truly outdid herself with “Bluebird,” and for that we’re grateful!

Avenue Beat “F2020” (Dumpster Fire)

Check out the brand new “F2020” music video from Avenue Beat. “F2020” went viral on TikTok earlier this year and has now racked up over 20 million streams!