Music Premiere: Ready to Fall in Love? Listen to Sabrina Ponte’s New Single “Head Over Heels”

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Powerhouse country-pop artist Sabrina Ponte is releasing her newest single “Head Over Heels” on February 8th. You can listen to it a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine.

This creative and talented musician, currently reigning as Miss Music City 2023, ultiizes her sweet and strong timbre, along with a compassionate melody to build a song that is unforgettable.

As the first verse begins Ponte is questioning her feelings by singing lyrics such as “Well maybe I should go, I’m better on my own,” and “Do I have it in me to just get up and leave?,” showing that she hasn’t had much luck in the past with people she has fallen in love with and she’s timid to move forward with this person. 

Behind these beginning lyrics there’s a strong back beat from an acoustic guitar playing a repeated melody. 

As the chorus hits, a full band comes in, and Ponte’s voice sweeps in, passionate and powerful. She belts her lyrics in which she is expressing her love for the person she is “Head Over Heels” for. Ponte sings, “I’m red bottoms face up/“Now my heart is beginning to trust”/“And I’m head over heels for your love.”

Later, the bridge comes full circle with Ponte’s overall message in the song as full band cuts out, and she tenderly sings, “Even though this is a risk, I won’t let this be a chance I miss.” 

She shows that the love she has for this person is real and she believes in what they have moving forward. This concludes her uncertain feeling she had at the beginning of “Head Over Heels” leaving the listener feeling hopeful for the two lovers’ future.

“Head over Heels” is a special and sentimental song, as it brings listeners on a journey of what it is like to fall deeply in love with someone. Sabrina Ponte does an amazing job portraying this message in her new smash country crossover single, just in time for Valentine’s Day.



Sabrina Ponte, crowned Miss Music City USA 2023, has music out on all streaming platforms – most recently released was her single “Chance of Whiskey.”

Ponte showed promise in her future beginning at a young age. Growing up, Sabrina was actively involved within her church choir, and participated in theater and opera. Her passion for music would eventually lead her to graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music while in high school and go on to graduate Berklee College of Music.

Sabrina is a woman of immense talent; in addition to singing, she is also a signed model/actress, as well as had success in the Miss America Organization and is currently competing in the Miss USA organization. In the end, Sabrina seeks to make a difference within her community, and she uses the power of music to reach that goal. Sabrina is incredibly passionate about giving back, and has helped to fundraise thousands of dollars for The Children’s Miracle Network, women’s scholarships, and organizations that help to feed the hungry in Tennessee.

“I truly hope to use my platform to be able to make a difference. One person can make a difference, not everyone needs to do what we think are big miraculous things because one small thing can really be that miraculous thing in someone’s day.”

She was crowned Miss Music City USA 2023, and will be competing to win the Miss Tennessee USA Crown in March of 2023. To keep up with all things Sabrina Ponte, follow her on all social media platforms for more information.

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