Nashville—Summer NAMM 2019 – Booth 116 — Wireworld Cable Technology, one of the world’s most respected brands of high-performance audio and video cables, announces the introduction of their Series 8 Starlight, Ultraviolet and Chroma USB cables. These flat cables utilize Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path conductor geometry, Composilex 3 insulation and noise absorbing power conductors to improve the fidelity of studio interface connections. The designs were developed through listening tests that compared prototype cables to virtually loss-free direct connections between components.

“Engineers would rather assume that their USB connections don’t degrade the sound, but testing cables against a bypass reveals coloration and masking that we’ve learned to reduce,” says Wireworld President, David Salz.

Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path conductor geometry uses dense multi-layer shields on each signal pair to provide extreme immunity to external noise and interference. This design also minimizes signal loss and crosstalk within the cable, for improved preservation of digital waveforms. The Chroma cables are yellow and their 28AWG signal conductors are made of oxygen-free copper. The signal conductors in the purple Ultraviolet cables are silver-plated OFC. The conductors in the red Starlight 8 cables are called silver-clad, because they contain three times as much silver as the Ultraviolet to further increase performance.

Another cable issue that reduces sound quality is triboelectric noise, which is generated by static charge and discharge effects where conductors touch insulation. This noise is created by movement, vibration and signal energy. Wireworld’s listening tests have identified triboelectric noise as a primary source of the coloration and masking caused by cables. This discovery also explains why various cable insulation materials can sound different, even though their dielectric losses are minimal. To minimize this problem, Wireworld has developed composite insulation materials called Composilex. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation minimizes triboelectric noise to reveal the lifelike harmonic structure and depth of the original sound.

Sound quality can also be affected by computer noise entering the DAC through the 5V power conductors in USB cables. To avoid this noise, Starlight 8, Ultraviolet 8 and Chroma 8 USB cables use exclusive noise-absorbing power conductors with double-layer shields that isolate them from the signal conductors. These cables exceed the official USB specifications and they are available in lengths of 0.6m, 1m, 2m and 3m. 

Pricing for 1m cables:
Chroma 8 (USB2.0/$30, USB3.0/$45, USB3.1/$60)
Ultraviolet 8 (USB2.0/$50, USB3.0/$80)
Starlight 8 (USB2.0/$100, USB3.0/$130, USB3.1/$180)

Availability: now


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