Product Review: Luna Henna Oasis Spruce Acoustic/Electric Guitar

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As a predominantly rock guitarist, when I was asked to review the Luna Henna Oasis Spruce guitar, I thought I was going to review an electric guitar – cool. The box looked the right size and its weight was comfortable. When I got to my studio, I put it with my other guitars. Personally, I like to get to know a guitar before I write about it, so I spend time with it and really get to know its personality (and its secrets).

Much to my surprise, when I opened the box – an acoustic guitar! Outrageous! Get my manager on the phone! But wait, just look at it. It’s so beautiful. The pattern on it is so creative, so thought provoking. It unto itself sparks creativity. Pleasantly, some images that came to mind are Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” “Sunflowers” or “Wheat Field with Crows.” Its pleasing allure drew me to it as if it were saying, “Your performance awaits.”

I picked it up for the first time, yet it felt comfortably familiar in my hands. With my left arm extended to hold its neck and my right around her body, it’s like I was positioned to waltz with Cinderella. When I looked down at her, she smiled back at me to say, “I’m ready.” I felt happily light headed, almost giddy, so I shook my head to clear my mind. I can’t feel this way about you, I hardly know you – let’s proceed.

I started to play to go through the paces. I played a few bars of Mozart’s “Eine Kliene Nachtmusik.” Hmm, not bad, she has a responsive sparkle. Next, I played a personal favorite of mine of Randy Rhoads “Dee.” OK, she resonates with an aural beauty that I do like. Thirdly, Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away.” At this point, I found myself positioned in a way as if I am dipping her as if engrossed in a tango.

OK, let’s turn this up a notch or two. I launched into Van Halen “Women in Love,” Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and, lastly and admittedly, “Stairway to Heaven.” Now I had worked up a bit of a sweat and I looked at her again thinking, “Where have you been all my life?”

I drank some water to cool down and convinced myself that I need to take a break, so I put her down. Later, when I returned, I continued by playing a personal composition that I’ve been working on to get a feel for the creativity she inspired.

I must say that I greatly appreciated its built in Preamp / Tuner which is so conveniently useful and kept me sounding pristine.

My latest composition in progress is a rocker but written on an acoustic. In its breakdown, my fingers plucked the strings as if in an elegant dance and I found myself embellishing differently and more passionately than I had before. I was inspired to make changes which I found more pleasing and flowing. I was moved to connect with my inner musician I strive to release, which was exhilarating. I can honestly say that I am truly and pleasantly surprised by the Luna Henna Oasis Spruce Acoustic/Electric guitar.

With its expressive nature of Henna, it’s instantly comfortable feel, beautiful responsiveness and resonance, and its inspirational personality; I don’t want to let her go.

When you find a guitar that makes you want to genuinely express yourself with, love her with all your musical heart. For me, the Luna Henna Oasis Spruce is that guitar for me.

Specifications for LUNA 02 HEN SPR:

Laser etched Henna
Body: Folk
Top: Spruce
Back/Sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Preamp/Tuner: B-Band
Scale: 251/2″
Nut: 111/16″
Finish: Satin
Dimensions:  39-1/2″ x 14-7/8″ x 4-3/8″
Weight:  5.4 lb

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Steve McKinley is the bass player for Joel Kosche (of Collective Soul) in his solo band and for the Led Zeppelin tribute Led Zeppelified. He’s been part of the Atlanta music scene for years playing in bands (i.e. Julius Pleaser, Sid Vicious Experience, Pretty Vacant et al) and has recorded and toured throughout the Southeast. His songs have been played on the radio, he has appeared on television and is an ASCAP member. With his electronics skills and experience, he runs Atlanta Tube Amp and Steve McKinley Electronics and is an Instructor on He roots for Atlanta United, works on cars and drinks his coffee strong, hot and black. He can be found on his sites, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. www.atlantatubeamp


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