BASSBOSS to Debut DV12 Powered Micromain at DJ Expo 2017


Atlantic City, NJ, August 1, 2017 — Powered loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS (Booth #431) will return to DJ Expo this year to showcase its powerful and versatile loudspeaker offerings, including its new DV12 Powered MicroMain — a compact and powerful full-range speaker with remarkable dispersion and projection. In addition to the DV12, BASSBOSS will have many of its other flagship loudspeakers on hand, including another new product release, the DJ21S Powered Subwoofer. This year, demonstrations of their newest designs, and old favorites, will be held in Demo Room 307, providing Expo attendees a chance to hear their high-fidelity, high output speakers firsthand.

“We are excited to return to DJ Expo once again to give attendees another taste of the thundering performance of BASSBOSS loudspeakers,” says BASSBOSS president David Lee. “The DV12 squarely addresses the needs of our mobile DJ user base, but with the advanced design and superior performance that our customers have come to expect.”

“Our speakers have developed a reputation for quite literally shaking up the demo room, so Expo visitors should not miss what we’ve got in store for this year’s Expo!”

DV12: A Full-Range Powerhouse
Designed with mobile DJ setups in mind, the rugged DV12 is a 2-way active full-range, direct radiating loudspeaker with 3,000 Watts of power on tap. Its unique cabinet design enables it to counteract standing wave reflections, while its down-angle orientation allows optimal audience coverage. With remarkably flat frequency response down to 45 Hz, the DV12 is a perfect choice for DJs who require flexible configurations and the potential for powerful low end with, or without using subwoofers.

Main Squeeze – DV8, DJ112, and SV8 MicroMains
The DV12 further fleshes out BASSBOSS’s already impressive offerings of MicroMain speakers. Its smaller cousin, the DV8, is a full range speaker featuring dual 8” woofers and a 1” throat compression driver. Capable of high output and impressive low end, it is a great choice for full-range sound on the go.

The ultra-compact DJ112 mid-high loudspeaker provides the perfect low-footprint complement to any BASSBOSS subwoofer. While your subwoofer handles the low end, the DJ112 provides plenty of output for everything else, all in a package barely larger than the 12” driver it contains.

The small but assertive SV8 provides remarkable full-range performance and substantial output, finding itself equally at home in live sound settings or as a studio monitor. Compact cabinets are easily secreted out of site in any installation environment, while studio use capitalizes not only on the SV8’s flat-frequency response and clarity but its high output to enable engineers and artists to listen back at “club volume.”

Deep Thinking – SSP118-MKII, ZV28, and DJ21S Powered Subwoofers
BASSBOSS will also be showcasing a thunderous trio of powerful subwoofers: the SSP118-MKII, ZV28, and DJ21S. The SSP118-MKII is powerful, deep, and portable, with low end down to 30 Hz that allows a single loudspeaker to replace 3-4 single 18” subs by other manufacturers.

For ultra-low frequency, high-output performance, the dual 18″ vented ZV28 subwoofer is the ideal loudspeaker. Featuring a 4000W RMS amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP and dizzying frequency response down to 24 Hz, this subwoofer is very likely to make a lasting impression at the low end.

The DJ21S Subwoofer brings the bass for any DJ setup, with 2400W RMS driving a 21” vented woofer for high-powered output and a response down to 24 Hz, outperforming other mobile subs to cover intense modern dance music demands. All that output is delivered in a manageable 138 lb. package, light enough to take the show on the road.

Top of the Pile – AT212 Attuned Top
BASSBOSS’ 2-way, bi-amplified AT212 Attuned Top mid-high cabinet will also be on hand. With a 2-channel, 1500W Powersoft amp and comprehensive DSP, the AT212 provides plenty of output and all the tools you need to pair it with BASSBOSS subwoofers for a state-of-the-art full-range sound system. The cabinets are arrayable to cover wider listening angles, making it a versatile solution for venues of all sizes.

To learn more about BASSBOSS, visit DJ Expo booth 431 and demo room 307 or

BASSBOSS creates premium, ultra high-fidelity sound systems for the professional consumer, live sound and systems integration markets. The company was founded on the design and engineering expertise of David Lee, a pioneer in subwoofer design whose work has transformed the audio systems for hundreds of venues across North America. BASSBOSS systems are easily integrated, compact and power-efficient. Each cabinet is highly optimized with dedicated, comprehensive amplification and processing. For more information on BASSBOSS, please visit


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