Violet Sands and Deidre & the Dark Release “Desert Rental Home”

Desert Rental Home
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“Desert Rental Home,” the new collaboration between Violet Sands and Deidre & the Dark, ranges from intimate moments of acoustic guitar and voice to a grand, soaring dream-like soundscape, dripping with sparkling surfaces.

“Desert Rental Home” is the only song Deidre was able to write during the pandemic.

Deidre explains, “During months of quarantine, this was the one song that managed to come out of me. I was feeling very isolated at home with my 1-year-old son while David, my husband, kept our business afloat, working out of a makeshift bedroom studio, for most of the hours of most of the days. Delusion starts creeping in when you’re unsure how long this will be reality.”

Deidre & the Dark is the solo project of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Deidre Muro, whose music fuses classic songwriting with pop, hybrid production styles, and hints of psychedelia. Along with recording and touring the globe as the frontwoman of indie rock band Savoir Adore, and hype-woman/backup vocalist for indie dance duo French Horn Rebellion, she is also the vocalist of electronic trio Violet Sands.

Violet Sands, made up of Deidre Muro (vocals), David Perlick-Molinari, and Derek Muro, embraces themes of beauty and rites of passage blended with nostalgic savors. After releasing two tracks via Soundcloud, the trio dropped their EP, Strange Attractor, followed by their debut album, Hotel, followed by collaborating with DJ and producer Justin Faust on “What Do You Feel.”

“Desert Rental Home” opens on a gentle acoustic guitar topped by the dreamy, bewitching voice of Deidre, imbuing the lyrics with exquisite tones. As the harmonics ramp up to gliding layers, Deidre’s vocals take on fragrant, melodic timbres, at once wistful and pensive, infusing the tune with luscious ascending flavors. The mid-tempo rhythmic flow accentuates the drifting, floating feel of the song with hints of dream-pop charisma.

On the solo section, vibrant, humming strings add sweeping surfaces, passionate with orchestral sensations.

Oh-so graceful and aglow with Deidre’s celestial tones, “Desert Rental Home” projects a silky-smooth, dizzying Illusion of corporeality.

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