Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners Release New Single/Music Video ‘Doin Whatcha Doin

Sarah Diamond
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Florida-based country-rock outfit Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners introduce their single/music video, “Doin Whatcha Doin,” a song co-written by James Matthew Nolan, Edward Monroe Hill, and Roger Nichols of Nashville’s Bell Tone Recording, who also produced the track.

Talking about the track, Sarah shares, “We needed to differentiate ourselves. I’m a very authentic person and artist, and the key to everything is that we are authentic onstage. We came together so quickly and seamlessly as a band, and the creativity between members flows so smoothly. We’ve played our share of bars doing covers but are not a bar band. Our performances are unique and collaborative – far more than a lead singer backed by a group of anonymous killer musicians. I think it works so well because, despite our age differences and range of performing and touring experiences, we’re all striving for similar goals personally and musically.”

Made up of Sarah Diamond (vocals, guitar), JP Mooningham (guitar, vocals), Wes Eubanks (keyboards), Dave Arazmo (guitar), Dave Walker (bass), and Jakob Dee (drums), Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners dropped their debut single, “I Got Away,” at the beginning of August. The band will perform for six days at the Florida State Fair in February, corresponding with the release of their debut album.

Growing up in a musical family, Sarah listened to her dad’s favorite artists, such as AC/DC, Rush, and Queen, along with her mom introducing her to CCM artists like Natalie Grant and Nichole Nordeman.

According to Sarah, “I think I get the timbre in my voice from them and the passion for rock from my dad’s favorite groups. I take a healthy mix of both and apply it to this country rock vibe I’ve created with my band The Soul Miners.”

After graduating from Pennsylvania’s West Chester University, where she studied classical music and opera, Sarah worked a series of day jobs while doing solo shows around Downington and singing in a Northeast Philly-based country cover band. Later, she almost accepted a position in a church as a worship leader but felt God had something else in store for her.

Once Sarah Diamond & The Soul Miners formed, things began to happen, and Sarah knew she was on the right path.

“Doin Whatcha Doin” opens on gleaming guitars topped by Sarah’s potent, drawling voice, imbuing the lyrics with delicious twangy inflections. The contagious rhythm, driven by Dee’s powerful drumming, gives the tune a delicious rolling flow topped by galvanizing country-rock leitmotifs.

Without a doubt, Sarah has one of country music’s premiere voices; it’s strong, nuanced, and lusciously flavorful.

“If you keep doin what you’re doin / I don’t know what you’re doin / But you know what you’re doin and its working on me / Don’t know what you’re playing / Baby I’m just saying / Keep doin what your doin what your doin what you’re doin to me.”

The video, directed by Ronnie DiNicola melds visuals of Sarah on the beach with the band playing in a living room.

Brimming with high-voltage energy, an electrifying beat, and the evocative vocals of Sarah Diamond, “Doin’ Whatcha Doin” hits the sweet spot.

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