Premiere: Haley Johnsen Brims with Passion on ‘London Sessions (Live From Abbey Road, 2020)’

Haley Johnsen

Americana/blues/pop singer-songwriter Haley Johnsen introduces her new album, London Sessions (Live From Abbey Road, 2020).

Haley Johnsen
Haley Johnsen

While growing up in Oregon, Haley was influenced by artists such as Brandi Carlile, Heart, and Grace Potter, leading to her unique sound, a delectable blend of R&B, Americana, and pop.

In 2017 and 2018, Haley toured with Sawyer Fredericks and as lead support for The Wind and The Wave, throughout the U.S. The following year, she took off on her headlining tour Europe in January and February, followed by sharing the stage with the band Joseph on their tour across the U.S., during the spring of 2019. In May 2019, she released the glorious Golden Days, a 12-track collection of lusciously emotive music.

Roderick Allen, of Rose City Review-Music Edition, described Golden Days:  “With Haley’s amazing vocals, outstanding songs, and her tremendous band backing her I was blown away. She is definitely an artist on the must-watch list and one to keep an eye on as her talent is bound to make her a national success! Her latest release and full-length album is Golden Days is a perfect mash of pop, rock, soul, and blues. Her single ‘Weekend,’ ft. Allen Stone is amassing streams at an impressive rate as well as her song ‘Keep it Together.’”

Along with writing and recording her own music, Haley tours as bassist and backup vocalist with electronic artist and producer Big Wild.

London Sessions encompasses eight-tracks, starting off with “Lift Me Up,” opening on a gleaming, potent acoustic guitar rolling into a tasty Americana melody flavored with filaments of gospel folk. Passionate with urgency, Haley’s voice rings with tantalizing quixotic timbres.

Highlights on the album include the gorgeously tender “Feel The Water,” traveling on low-slung velvety harmonics topped by Haley’s exquisitely evocative tones, chock-full of radiant tones escalating to surging, compelling coloration.

“Everything Comes Back Again” features a gentle Americana-folk melody tinted with shades of alt-country, infusing the tune with infectious energy, as Haley’s honeyed tones glide overhead exuding haunting hues, as she narrates the way life goes around.

Rife with swampy blues aromas, “Weekend” delivers tangs of wicked relish and insistent calls for attention rather than being taken for granted. “When I Love You” drips with scorching blues-filled tones of lost love and melancholy. On this track, listeners can feel the textures of heartache and melancholy emanating from Haley’s amazing voice.

Grandly wrought, London Sessions is transcendent, projecting tones of ferocious intimacy on minimalist soundscapes. The voice of Haley Johnsen will blow you away.

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