Pop Prodigy AVIV Drops “Failed English”


Toronto-based fifteen-year-old wunderkind AVIV releases her new single/music video “Failed English,” a song exploring “the somewhat nasty feeling which erupted following a breakup and demonization of the individual who broke up with you as a defense mechanism.”

According to the singer-songwriter, “‘Failed English’ highlights the incongruity of the narrative – detesting your ex while missing them.”

Her alluring sound is at once retro and visionary, blending immediate emotions with oracular insights into plush, alluring alt-pop.

AVIV explains, “I’m just a teenager who acts much older, still gets excited about little things, and really loves to over-analyze her emotions and put them into music. I try to be true to myself with everything I do. The more AVIV the music is, the better.”

While growing up, AVIV’s family went record shopping every Saturday on Queen Street in Toronto. She says, “Most families went to the mall. We went to the record store together.”

At the age of six, she was taking piano lessons, followed by developing her voice and learning guitar. When the pandemic hit, she listened to a lot of music and wrote. She rode the train to Montreal to visit her brother and his friend, Jackson Follemer, at McGill University and began recording music.

She released “Cookie Dough,” followed by “Girls In Red,” “Lonely Bitch,” and “Black Coffee,” amassing almost 2 million collective streams.

Talking about her music, she says, “Music became a way to convey my emotions. Since I won’t even talk to my friends about a lot of these things, it’s an outlet for me to talk about things I don’t talk about.”

“Failed English” opens on stripped-down harmonics and an enticing rhythm and then adds creamy, glowing alt-pop colors as AVIV’s crème de la crème voice imbues the lyrics with luscious timbres and nuanced textures, at once posh and graceful.

AVIV has it going on! “Failed English” offers bewitching flavors of pop tinted by ‘90s retro tangs and the deluxe voice of AVIV.

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