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Musician Nikki Barber, frontwoman and guitarist for Nashville-based band, The Minks, are gearing up for their debut album, Light & Sweet. Their release show is on September 20 at the High Watt in Nashville. In our series of Who What Where When Why, Barber tells us who she is, how she got involved with The Minks, their upcoming album, where it’s available to stream and purchase, and why the album was created. Read on..

Who? My name is Nikki Barber and I front the band, The Minks. I started the project about 3 years ago as a way to get the lead out and stretch my creative mind. There’s nothing more electric than being on stage in a sweaty room of people letting loose, it’s kind of an addiction. We’re a bit of a rock and roll circus, high energy and packed with a punch. We’ve been told that we sound like a southern Velvet Underground, which I like to think means some crunchy rock and roll with a psychedelic underbelly…and the occasional twang thrown in. “The life I love is making music with my friends…”

What? Our debut album, Light & Sweet, being released on Cafe Rooster Records. It was produced and mixed by Joe Bisirri. The name is a bit of an oxymoron and comes from a moment in a small Manhattan coffee shop where some friends and I overheard a very big NY personality asking for it “Light and sweet, honey. Light and sweet…” We had quite a laugh about it and that term was from then on used anytime some bad luck happened as a way to keep it from getting too heavy. When it came time to naming the album, that phrase kept popping back up, as the album sounds pretty upbeat, but a lot of the undertones and lyrics are rather dark.

Where? The full album will be available on all digital platforms – Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Also available in CD’s and LP’s at And, of course, at the the merch table at every single show we play! For any updates, we’re always talking on social at @theminksss on Instagram and Facebook.

When? September 20th, mark your calendar (smiles). We’ll also be playing The High Watt for our “Light & Sweet” release show on the 20th for anyone that is in Nashville and lots more tour dates on the website at

Why? This album was a way of tying a bow on a lot of my growing pains and toxic relationships. I was calling out the bulls*** and finding the silver linings. These songs were written purely with the intention of healing myself of the blues, and I hope it can do the same for others. We’re all unique, emotional creatures, but we’re all here together – so may as well share and grow from our experiences. Be it the words or the grooves, I hope it moves you!

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