Music Premiere: Racyne Parker Unveils Enchanting “Here in the Middle”

Racyne Parker
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Folk singer-songwriter Racyne Parker introduces her brand-new single, “Here in the Middle,” a vulnerable song about making a choice between an exciting but uncertain future or stability and security.

Racyne Parker
Racyne Parker

Parker explains, “‘Here in the Middle’ was written in a moment when indecision had led to stagnation and doubt. The song began as self-talk prompted by the first two lines in the song, ‘I hate myself for failing, but I love myself for trying. Guess I’ll wait here somewhere in the middle.’”

She goes on to say, “Ruminating on the choice itself was holding me back from pursuing purpose or committing myself to anything at all, which was impacting my whole outlook on my life.”

Produced by Nashville’s Randall Kent, “Here in the Middle” was written with an acoustic guitar at a dining room table under dim lights in the late evening,

Originally from Southern Oregon and now based in Denver, Colorado, Parker’s sound blends elements of country, modern folk, indie-rock, and pop, along with captivating lyricism and warm vocals, into deliciously evocative songs. Her songs draw on her experiences living in and leaving a small town, navigating uncertainty in love, life in her twenties, and finding joy in the little moments.

A performer with a low-stakes, generous and engaging stage presence, Parker’s live performances include room for storytelling, sing-alongs of cover songs, and making friends throughout sets, gigs, and shows. She’s grateful for any chance she gets to perform.

“Here in the Middle” opens on a mellow, haunting guitar, followed by the entry of Parker’s deliciously inflected voice, at once velvety and intoxicating imbuing the lyrics with hints of disquiet, It’s one of those exquisite voices full of subtle nuances and vibrant tones. An alluring rhythm gives the tune a compelling feel and flow as gleaming guitars merge with a sighing steel guitar, infusing the harmonics with stylish flavors and creamy leitmotifs.

Racyne Parker has a grand talent. “Here in the Middle” oozes irresistible ebbing and rising textures, all crowned by crème de la crème vocals.

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