Music Premiere: Light It Up With Taylor Sanders’ Debut Single “Firecracker”

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    As autumn takes hold and the holiday season begins, finding new upbeat tunes to dance to naturally wanes with the early sunset. For everyone craving something fresh, Nashville artist Taylor Sanders is here to satisfy you with “Firecracker.”

    The country-pop singer and skin cancer awareness advocate’s breakout single drops everywhere tomorrow but Guitar Girl Magazine has your first listen available here!

    You can listen exclusively here:


    Taylor Sanders broke onto the scene with YouTube covers of “Walkin’ After Midnight” and “Jolene” in May of this year and added a special country-trap zest to the classic tunes. Working with a world-class group of music creatives and musicians, “Firecracker” came to life and quickly became Sanders’ anthem as she steps into the metaphorical ring.

    Originally from eastern Kentucky and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee, Sanders’ sweet voice and megawatt smile are just the start of her charm. At the young age of ten years old, the singer released her first album, which consisted of mostly country covers. Over the next several years, the young singer released more music, learned to play piano, and took voice lessons to hone her skills. 

    Sanders discovered her passion for personal health advocacy and skin cancer awareness when she was diagnosed with an invasive form of melanoma in 2014. In partnership with, Taylor has served as a face of survival in the face of adversity. This translates directly to her music. “I feel like there is a fighter at the core of me. I tend to feel and write songs that have some backing about hope, determination, and the climb. I guess because I also need encouragement, I figure others might need it too.”

    From the first pluck of acoustic guitar strings and her vocal accompaniment, “Firecracker” demands attention and sits comfortably between genres to reach audiences far and wide. With a trap-infused chorus and bold pop vocals, the country track doesn’t sound quite like anything else sitting on the country charts, and that’s exactly what sets her apart from others. Backed by label 22Visionz and supported by decorated musicians and writers, Sanders is in good hands as she breaks onto the country scene and sets it ablaze.

    “The term ‘firecracker’ sort of embodies my personality in a nutshell. It’s about me being my bold, loud, spicy self, getting out there exuding confidence and shining bright while finding someone special that can match that energy,” Taylor says. Much more is set to come in the next year, and it’s clear this songstress isn’t slowing down for anyone or anything. If you were undecided on blending country with other genres, this track will change your mind for the better.

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